Sunday, June 11

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been very busy clearing out our backyard. A 20 yard dumpster is sitting between our house and our next door neighbor. There is a very old potting shed in the back that we are in the process of removing. We had no idea how old it was until we started to dismantle it. Newspapers dating back to 1911 were used to insulate the roof. It had seen better days and was starting to sag.

Apparently one of the previous owners was a master gardener. By the time we purchased the house 24 years ago the backyard was already starting to get over grown. The homes on either side of us have been in the owners families for 50 plus years, so we're still the new people on the street--LOL. But they remember when "Alice" owned the house... "Her roses were amazing."

We live on a small river that flows into the Hudson. It's a beautiful place to live, one draw back--SNAKES come up from the river and sun themselves in the backyard.

I'm on a little reading hiatus. I've been on a puzzle book kick.

Junior graduates from preschool on Thursday. They handed out their caps and gowns on Friday.

Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend, and happy reading.

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