Wednesday, June 28

And, the rain, rain, rain came down, down down and other odd thoughts

How many people can remember, that adorable Winnie the Pooh song... And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down down...

I can't really complain, we haven't had the torrential down pours of the Mid-Atlantic states, but it's been raining off and on since Saturday. Last night we must have gotten 2 or 3 inches or rain. Flood warnings are posted for all over the county. We're lucky, even though we live on a river, we don't live in a flood plain. If the river water ever reached our house, we'd be building an ark and expecting the second coming.

I've been plodding through my contest reading, finally starting the RS for Aspen Gold. It took forever to get into the first book, but it started to pick up about half way through and was a pretty good book. The next was an amnesia story, but it wasn't horrible, which is saying something since I hate amnesia stories. The 3rd has a first person POV--not loving that, though normally this doesn't bother me.

Praying that my book order comes in today, my impatience is showing. It should include the new Howard and the new Quinn, and several others. I peeked over on AAR and the Howard review was positive, but the Quinn was only so so. But, the Quinn is the last in the Bridgerton series, I've read the first 7 and I wasn't about to miss the last, though I didn't love the last couple.

Got to go... The rain has finally stopped, I think that's it for the day. I probably should go outside and check the pool. My husband drained some water out before leaving for work. It sits in the shade of a black walnut tree--I hate that darned tree, it's constantly dropping leaves and pods and when the walnuts mature the squirrels bombard us with the shells from the branches about our heads.

Have a great day and happy reading.


ames said...

Can't wait for feedback on the new Linda Howard. I hope you get your books soon. LOL

I've been lucky over here in the 'Peg, it's been sunny skies for quite a while. But I know what constant rain is like. First living in Germany and then two summers ago we had two weeks of nice weather, that was it. Very cold.

Bev (BB) said...

Last fall, we filled up a pickup truck with walnuts from several of our trees on the farm and got about $60 dollars for the load from some local Menonites. Don't know how that compares nationally, but we were impressed. :D

jenster said...

I've been wondering how your riverside estate has been faring. We actually had fluffy clouds and blue skies today so the kids and I went exploring at Valley Forge. It took us forever to get home, though, because of detours due to flooded bridges and streets.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of Julia Quinn's book. I've read them all as well and can't miss out on the last one!


CindyS said...

Okay, I'm waiting for your take on Howard and I saw the latest Quinn on the shelf but I was expecting it to be the youngest daughter's story but it didn't sound like it.

I'm nodding my head in sympathy over crap that gets in the pool. Man, we were lucky at the old house. This house we have a wall of evergreens that drop these weird soft cones and needles and poor Bob has had to deal with two drowned chipmunks. Not. Happy.

Poor little chubby cheeks.


Tara Marie said...

ames--I finished it last night, I'll probably get something posted today.

Bev--We've got 2 trees, the funny thing is we never bother cleaning up the walnuts in the fall as by the following spring the squirrels have managed to clean them up for us. What drives me crazy--the broken shells stain the pool liner. I guess there's worse things in life--LOL.

Jen--your riverside estate--now that's funny, God's little half acre.

We're rather lucky the house sits 200 feet from the river and is truly impossible to flood our side of the river. The other side floods but we're probably 50 feet above flood level. Our river didn't flood and the area is in good shape after all the rain, but the western part of our county and the county above us are in really bad shape.

Cindy--those pine trees can really be difficult, our area was hit by Hurricane Floyd a few years ago and a pine tree dropped a ton of needles into a neighbors pool, it was a mess. Sorry to hear about the chipmunks, we've never had that happen. My in-laws get ducks swimming in theirs once in a while.