Friday, June 16


Contest, doesn't that just get everyone thinking... "Ooooo, she's giving something away." Ah but that's not the case. It's not like I've got an ARC of JR Ward's Lover Awakened or any other ARC for that matter. Please note that mentioning of Lover Awakened is purely to register more hits from the fangirls looking for ARCs--LOL.

So, what's the deal with the contest?

I volunteered for Aspen Gold this year. Received 5 Romantic Suspenses in the mail and haven't read a single one. I started 2 and didn't really like either, so I put them down until I'm in a better frame of mind to read them. I still have a month to finish them, but I'm feeling guilty that maybe I wont like any of them.

My friend, the indie bookseller, called the other day to say the PASIC--Book of your Heart packages were in and I had a choice between Mainstream, Contemporary, Historical and Paranormals. I picked up the Paranormal package yesterday. I've read 3 of the 8 entries so far, one was okay, but the other two really had some potential. Last year I did category romance. They only send you the first chapter and to be honest, I prefer to give a book more than 20 pages.

It's all rather strange. You never know whose books your reading and you get thank you notes for reading their chapter and sometimes they let you know whether or not they've sold their manuscript. Then I'm always left wondering if it's the book I've completely panned, and their politely thumbing their nose at me, which I think has happened a few times.--LOL

Have a great weekend, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and happy reading.


sybil said...

I love contests! They are great fun.

of course I have that ARC as well *g*

along with a few others... hee

CindyS said...

Don't DO that! I started to foam at the mouth because I thought you DID have Ward's ARC and were doing a contest!

I come here all the time!! *shakes fist in your general direction* ;)


Sam said...

I volontered to judge some contests, and every year I judge the Red Wheelbarrow contest for dchool kids here in France - it's quite funny and I never know what kind of stories I'll get - they range from pretty darn good for a kid to horrible, lol.
However, I'm always surprised to see the other judges' scores - we don't have the same taste at all!

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, hehehe, do you want a smack in the head?? Love ya.

Cindy, sorry to disappoint--LOL. But, it worked lots of hits by people looking for JR Ward.

Sam, I agree, contests are fun, that's why I volunteer for these.

Kristie (J) said...

I tried one once and that was enough. I got 4 books and didn't like a one of them. Trying to read the one was one of life's more painfull experiences. I don't finish books I'm not enjoying so finishing them for judging was no joy whatsoever.

sybil said...

hey I still have an extra copy of megan's mark... be nice *g*