Tuesday, June 6

A couple of minutes...

The school picnic was a huge success. When he wasn't running, bouncing or climbing, he was eating--popcorn, cotton candy, 2 snow cones and half his sandwich. He's in the tube, he was so filthy he needed a shower before I would let him play in the bath tube.

  • Dark Need--Lynn Viehl--Very Good, this is one of those series you either love or hate, an interesting horror/romance mix.
  • The Hazards of Hunting a Duke--Julia London--Okay/Good, once again a London book that should have been better, it started out good but petered out near the end.

Have a good one and happy reading.

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sybil said...

Cool about DN, I think I shall like. Hunting was just eh. Not horrid but like you said could have been so much better, which I think makes me more annoyed than just flat out bad.