Tuesday, June 13

What to read??

I'm still in my little reading slump, haven't finished a book in over a week. Last week I mentioned going to the UBS, but today I'm definitely getting there in the hopes they have something new or something jumps off the shelf and screams "READ ME". I've got hundreds of books on my TBR pile and nothing seems interesting.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I haven't had much time to read. Which is shocking for me, I almost always can squeeze a few minutes out of the day. But it seems like every waking moment is filled with nonesense. We're just about finished in the backyard, but I'm falling asleep as soon as I get into bed. Somehow I got rooked into putting together the teachers' gifts from the class. It must say "sucker" on my forehead. I refused to beg for money, another mom has that honor. She called last night at 8:50 to let me know how much money we're working with and I was already asleep.

We have a house full of people coming back to the house on Thursday after the graduation for a barbeque, which means I need to find time to actually clean too. We're opening the pool on Saturday and going to dinner with my family for Father's Day. And, spending Sunday with my husband's family.

Maybe I should put reading on the calender... Next Monday 8 a.m.

Have a good one and I'm hoping someone out there is reading. Thanks for letting me whine.


Jenster said...

Hey Tara -

Wish I was reading as well. But there are too many boxes just laying around. The worst part is I decide to tackle a specific box, open it up, and have no idea what to do with the crap that followed us from Arkansas.

Hope you have a successful run to the UBS today.


Tara Marie said...


How are you feeling?

How was the move?

Don't you just love the Philly area?

My brother is about an hour north and loves PA. Started his own small town newspaper. We're planning another trip to Lancaster sometime this summer, promised to take Junior back to Strausburg.

jenster said...

I'm feeling great! Well, I would be feeling great if my house was unpacked. But other than that, things are good.

The move was fine with only a couple hitches, but they've been resolved.

I do love this area. We're probably not too far from your brother. We're about 15 miles north of Valley Forge.

I'm learning my way around fairly good and I think the kids and I are going to venture to the Jersey shore next week.

My biggest goal, however, is to find the nearest and best UBS!

Hope your summer goes well!!


Tara Marie said...


I'm glad your feeling well. Don't make yourself crazy you've got time to get everything unpacked. I'm a big believer in purging what's not needed and donating.

Jersey Shore? Try Cape May, it's supposed to be wonderful. We're heading to Pt. Pleasant Beach for a week this summer.

Take care, and come back and visit, I just read your RT post about the jacuzzi, I'm jealous--LOL. You deserve it enjoy.