Friday, June 23

Moments of shear terror

A little boy went missing while we were in Barnes & Noble. Thank God, he was found wandering in the parking lot. At first I didn't realize what the woman was in a panic over because she kept saying "He's gray on top." I couldn't imagine what that meant, we were on our way out the door when I realized she meant he was wearing a gray shirt. The store was packed with kids as they had story time this morning. We were going back into the store to make sure someone had called 911, when someone came running to say they'd found him.

This store is on the corner of 2 roads with 14 lanes of traffic between them. And, it's less than 1 minute from 2 major highways. Once they realized the little boy may have made it outside a customer ran down an embankment to make sure the child hadn't wandered into traffic. There was a man with a set of keys I'm assuming ready to lock down the store, standing at the front door.

By the time we got into the car I was shaking, I can't imagine that mother's feelings of terror.

I make Junior sits on the floor by my feet when we're in any store where I'm going to be browsing (bookstores, clothing stores etc.) I'm sure we annoy people when he starts to complain and prostrates himself in the middle of an aisle, but you know what? I know were he is at all times this way. He took off running on me once when this store first opened. Now he never leaves my side. I also dress him in something bright so if we get seperated I can see him. Usually it's orange, today it was orange shorts.


Anonymous said...

it all reminded me that my mother put me in a leash harness when i was little so i wouldnt get lost and then as i got older no more leash but then again it was easy to find a kid with the whitest skin and red red hair that was me . glad the kiddie is alright.mamxx-- from nb , canada

Bookwormom said...

It must have been terrifying for that poor lady. I can't imagine it. People do tend to drop their kids off in the children's section & tell them, "Stay right here. I'll be right back." Most of the time the kid stays but not always. Glad all's well that ends well.

Tara Marie said...

mamxx--I can understand the leash, the thought of losing a child is too frightening.

Amanda--the mother was frantic, I actually think the little boy's older sister was supposed to be watching him, she was crying hysterically.

Jay said...

At least the store was good about mobilizing to find him.

Suisan said...

I once managed to lose a child in a department store, and then, while I was desperately trying to find her, I lost my son. The youngest had a bruise on her arm from where I grabbed her when I realized that I had lost them both.

The kids found each other, found a clerk, and we were all OK.

That was not a fun day.