Thursday, June 8

Green with envy...

Well, I'm sitting here with a major frown on, being grumpy and out of sorts.

ARCs of JR Ward's Lover Awakened have gone out and I am completely jealous.


CindyS said...

Yeah, you can call me kermit ;)


Angela James said...

there there :)

I'd tell you not to be jealous because the book blew chunks but, well...that wouldn't be very honest of me.

But let's pretend. Man, it totally sucked, be glad you were spared the torture of reading it. You should thank me for placing myself in the position to spare you such a tragic fate.

Did it work?

Tara Marie said...

Cindy--I'm glad I'm not alone.--LOL.

Angie--Did it work? NO, while she's making a pouty face

sybil said...

poor tara... I sowry

Valeen said...

aahhh!! I want it! I'm beyond jealous of those who were able to get a copy.