Thursday, June 15

Procrastination at its best...

Since 7:30 this morning I've been blog hopping, now I'm wasting more time telling everyone that's what I've been doing. Can you tell I'd rather be sitting in front of this machine than doing what needs doing...

Today is Graduation Day. It starts at 4:00, isn't that a strange time?

I should be:

  1. Cleaning the house, we have family coming back to the house for a barbeque. done
  2. Putting away the 10 loads of laundry I did yesterday, it's all folded. done
  3. Ironing Junior's clothes and gown, yes, they're wearing caps and gowns. done
  4. Food shopping for above mentioned barbeque. done
  5. Prep food, make fruit salad and chocolate covered strawberries. done

Junior just announced "We've got cleaning to do. Everyone needs to see a spotless house." His quote, not mine. Where does he come up with this stuff? Spotless house isn't in my vocabulary. I sent him off to dust his room.

Have a great day and someone please read something exciting for me.

Cleaning update:

  • upstairs dusting done
  • upstairs vacuuming done
  • making beds done
  • clean and mop bathroom done
  • downstairs dusting done
  • downstairs vacuuming done
  • clean and mop kitchen done
  • straighten up bikes, big wheels etc. done

All done with 20 minutes to spare.


ames said...

I love that you're coming back to update what you've done. That's great.
Congrats to the graduate!!

Sam said...

I'm still staring at my list wondering where to start. Thank goodness we don't have graduation here. My daughter stops school the 22nd and off we go on the 23rd to NY.
Oh, vacation bliss!
But I still have to leave a clean house behind.

jenster said...

You're my hero!!!!


meljean brook said...

Holy crap. I'm sitting here in awe.

I do maybe one of those things on a good day. I'm not clean-enabled.

Megan Frampton said...

I'm ironing today, and I have to mop the kitchen floor. Nothing close to what you've done. You rock!

(And congratulations on the graduation).

Tara Marie said...

Hi Ladies, it's 9:00 and the last of our guests just left. Junior is already asleep, and I'm exhausted.

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

ReneeW said...

OK, will you come to my house now?

You're amazing!

CindyS said...

Holy crap! I need a nap! After you go to Renee's you need to head north to my house!

Is it wrong that I stopped ironing about 3 years ago...okay, 5 years ago?