Monday, June 19

Frustrating Father's Day

I always like to preface a whine by saying in the grand scheme of things, it isn't really a big deal, but there are days that really require a redo.

Welcome to Father's Day:
  • Junior's up at 5:50 for the day. Not all that unusual, but he wishes Daddy "Happy Father's Day" at the top of his lungs. Since all the upstairs windows were open I'm sure the neighbors loved that.
  • I spilled bacon grease all over the stove while making breakfast.
  • Hubby left us in the car while he ran into the store to buy cigars, he never smokes, but felt like one on Father's Day. The car starts to overheat he's in there so long, of course, my leaving on the AC probably didn't help--hey it was already 90 degrees.
  • I pull my already bad back climbing from the front seat into the backseat of our mini-van, because Junior says he's going to get car sick.
  • Junior gets car sick (bacon and Gatorade, lovely combination), but we are champs at the car sick thing and manage to keep everything gross in the "throw-up pail".
  • Five minutes from my in-laws we realize we forgot the Father's Day gifts.
  • We miss seeing BIL (Junior's Godfather) by 5 minutes.
  • Our 8 year old nephew dunks our slightly water phobic son under the water in the in-laws pool.
  • The 8 year old's mom wasn't feeling well, and was incredibly short with anyone who ventured talking to her, especially her husband and her mother, they wanted her to go to the emergency room, but she wouldn't.
  • My husband tripped getting out of the van with Junior and popped out his good knee.


  1. Annoying that my husband seems to think forgetting the gifts was somehow my fault. I managed to remember, the child, the bathing suits, the flotation devices, the sun screen, changes of clothing, the potato and macaroni salads, the chocolate covered strawberries, the cake. The man went back into the house three times, the first 2 times I have no clue why, but the third time he walked passed the gifts to unplug our pool filter. When I pointed this out he shut up.
  2. The 8 year old nephew used to be terrified of going under water and if he had any water on this face he had to wipe it off immediately. Now, Junior isn't really afraid of the water, but he doesn't like rough housing in water that is deeper than he can stand, he has a vest on so he'll float without a problem, but this scared him and he spent most of the day out of the pool. Finally after dinner, when it was just us left at his grand-parents' house, I got him back in the pool and he had a great time.
  3. I'm the designated driver for family events. I don't drink, but my husband does, not much but it's better to be safe than sorry about driving. He sat in the backseat (throw-up pail in hand) with Junior they talked half way home, even though it was past both their bedtimes. Finally, I told them I wanted silence. Junior finally fell asleep. But getting out of the van, my husband slipped. Thank God he didn't drop the sleeping child, but he did hurt is good knee, which isn't really all that good, but it's much better than his bad one.
  4. I've sucked down 8 aspirin in the last 18 hours and still my back wont loosen up.

All done, thanks for listening.

Have a great day and happy reading.


sybil said...

sorry hon, pick out a book, put up the leg and rest!

CindyS said...

I know you are doing better but OMG!! 8 Aspirin in a day? That should have had you holding the throw up pail.


Tara Marie said...

Thanks Sybil.

Cindy, Aspirin is the only thing that will help my back when it's bad. And once again it worked, no more back pain.