Sunday, June 18

A Good Fun Read

Another good Emma Holly book. But, I'm curious, is a gratuitous sex scene possible in an erotic romance?

The book starts out with the heroine (Frankie) being dumped by her long time boy friend. She moves on has a little rebound sex, one of the town's socialites ends up dead in the alley behind Frankie's diner, All U Can Eat clever name for a diner, I'm not so sure for an erotica romance. Enter our hero (Jack), he's the chief of police, and a regular diner patron.

When Jack discovers the socialites stash of homemade sex DVDs, he realizes just about everyone in town is a suspect, including her stars the tag team duo that own the local garage. These two are interesting, bi-sexual and really into each other, but enjoy the local ladies too.

Now we get to the superfluous sex, we've already had a three way scene with the boys and now they've come to cheer up Frankie. To be honest the scene seems out of character for the heroine, until she's dumped by the boyfriend she's very monogamous, has some rebound sex and then this scene with the boys and back to being monogamous with Jack. Frankie's the only female character they haven't had sex with, so maybe it's just her turn and maybe we should consider it more rebound sex.

The villain is rather obvious, but the mystery is still fun. A great in the moment read.


Jane said...

This was exactly the issue I had with the book. I thought it was uncharacteristically romantic for a Holly book and thought it would be my favorite. The three way sex scene was completely unnecessary and did nothing to advance to the story.

I thought it was gratuitous and it took me out of the reading experience.

Tara Marie said...

Jane, my thoughts exactly, it didn't ruin the book, but I did find myself skimming that particular scene.

CindyS said...

Thank you for mentioning the fact that 'All U Can Eat' is not a good title for an erotic romance.

Every time someone mentions this book I want to ask if I'm the only one who thinks the title is horrible. Not only that, it hits my gag reflex and I refuse to buy it because - ugh.

I really do feel like a child whenever I get the urge to comment so I have refrained.