Saturday, October 24

Can't get there from here

I started messing with my template and somehow lost the old one. And since it's giving me all sorts of error messages when I try to paste the html back in, I created a new one using bloggers layout options.


BevBB said...

I like it. Nice and restful :D

But then I like browns. I'd do the entire house in shades of browns, tans and creams if the kids would let me get away with it. ;)

Wendy said...

I converted over to the new Blogger "layouts" format this year after my own HTML/template meltdown. Luckily another blogger who is way smarter than I am (heh - which isn't that hard) was able to duplicate my old look and even fix some of the wonky HTML issues I had on "old" Blogger.

I think you'll end up liking this new version. Updating your sidebar is a snap!

Tara Marie said...

So far I do like it, I'm trying to create a banner of black and white pictures of Junior and I can't seem to get it to fit right.