Saturday, October 10

Home Alone

The hubby and child are camping. 

Cub Scout camping. 

Cub Scout camping in the POURING RAIN.

They're camping locally at one of the county parks.  I stopped last night to see how they were doing.  When I left it wasn't raining yet and everything was set up and the 3 man tent looked quite cozy with sleeping bags, blanket, air mattress and pillows.  When I got home there was a call from the hubby, I apparently when I closed the door of our mini-van... "you locked the van with my keys in it."  I had to go back and unlock it.

So, with all this alone time do you think I did any reading??  NOPE!  I watched the Yankees go into extra innings and promptly fell asleep after Teixeira's home run in the bottom of the 11th.  Honestly, the Yankees didn't win as much as the Twins lost, but we'll take it :)

Back to the campers...  I get a call this morning at 6:30, that's right 6:30--good thing I was already awake.  They're in the van drying off.  It poured non-stop from about 10:00 last night until about 6:00 this morning.  They were nice and dry in the tent until the child needed to go to the bathroom at 5:30 this morning.  Not a dry spot in the entire camp, no place to sit and almost no dry firewood.  It took hours to cook breakfast.  I sent towels and a storage box that was to stay in the car with dry clothing.  It looks like they may need it.

I'm heading over this afternoon.  Junior needs his Cub Scout uniform by 2:00 and our Pastor is coming to say a fireside Mass, that is if they can get a fire going.  I was planning on staying for dinner, but I think I'll come home, eat something and read--no Yankees.

Did I mention they're forecasting FROST tonight?

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