Sunday, October 4

Time for Eternity by Susan Squires

I started the Sommerfield and decided it needed to wait until I finished Susan Squires' Time for Eternity.  I've been reading Susan Squires for a long time, starting with Body Electric. I didn't read Body Electric new, I had heard good things from another blogger a few years ago and enjoyed the concept. If you haven't read it, hunt it down it's a curious read--I'll leave it at that.

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of most vampire romance. Most of the vampire romances I've read aren't frightening enough, I find myself comparing them to Salem's Lot,and nothing I've ever read scared me as much.  And honestly, I can't stand vampire comedy.  I have several Sizemore vampire books on my TBR pile, I haven't read any yet.

None of the 3 vampire series I read are very scary, but there's something in each that I enjoy: 1. JR Ward (she continues to suck me in her stories--I can't explain it :)).  2. Lynn Viehl--I've enjoyed almost all of her Darkyn series and 3. Susan Squires--she hooked me with The Companion and I loved One with the Darkness.

Time for Eternity was another good book in a series of good books. It has morphed into a time-travel/vampire series, which has been interesting. In her earlier books the source of conflict in the story comes from an almost epic battle between vampires, but with the time travel books the time periods become character like, bringing the conflict in a different direction, simply surviving in a historic period of conflict.  One with the Darkness starts in 1821 and goes back to Rome during Caligula's reign (A.D 41--love that time period :)).

Modern day San Francisco is where Time for Eternity starts and goes back to the France during the Reign of Terror, a time period I don't like to read about--the guillotine and the killing of innocent families including children is very disturbing.  Frankie (a made vampire) goes back in time to kill Henri (a born vampire) before he can turn her.  She believes he abandoned her.  Henri would never have left her alone after the transition, we find out on page 7 he was guillotined.  Why he was killed unfolds as the story progresses.  By going back in time Francoise/Frankie, the heroine, finds strength she lacked during her 1st time in Revolutionary France and Henri, our hero, is the truest of heros, this time survivng the time period.

I've rattled on enough.  This one I enjoyed, maybe someone else did too?

Have a great day and happy reading.


Wendy said...

I'm really burnt out on paranormal, but I enjoy Squires' vampires. I think it's her mythology that works for me. Also her vampires tend to be a tortured lot - and I prefer the brooding vampires over the shiny, happy, I love being a vampire, vampires.

Also I appreciate that this series stands alone so well. I've only read books 1, 3 and 5 and have never felt "lost" or like I was missing something by skipping around.

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, YES, YES, YES--they need to be tortured--not quite as tortured as Christine Feehan's.

Each book really does stand alone, which is great for the TBR pile.