Friday, October 23


Angie and Megan are going to be at NJRW.  Years ago I belonged to a Romance Reading Book Club at my local UBS. The club would go down to NJRW for the Saturday Literacy Bookfair and author signing...  Nora Roberts, Anne Stuart, Betina Krahn, Sharon Sala (she signed my Jackson Rule--LOVE that book), Suzanne Brockman...  Great memories.

There's a great list of authors at this year's Literacy Bookfair and author signing. Wish I could make the trip, maybe next year :)


I just noticed the tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the Literacy Bookfair and author signing link:

Please note: As in the past, previously purchased books are not permitted in the Book Fair for signing.

Way back when we were allowed to bring books, if I remember correctly it was 4 or 5, then it was 2, now it's none.  Ahhh, the good old days :)  Jackson Rule wouldn't have been autographed by today's rules.

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