Thursday, October 29

A new day, a new list

I seem to be in a list mood...
  1. We get it, piracy is bad--STOP PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!!  We're not the people stealing your ebooks. 
  2. I don't want to hear how romance isn't taken seriously--how do we expect to be taken seriously when so many blogs and websites consist of near naked or in some cases naked men.  It seems to me we're doing a great job of living up to the "it's porn for women" label.  Book covers are bad enough, but yikes.  Okay, that was preachy--I'm done.
  3. The Child is going to be the Grim Reaper for Halloween.
  4. Love my new hair cut--a very short bob.  My parent are coming to visit this afternoon (bringing Junior a Halloween gift) Mom's going to love that it's short, "long hair isn't appropriate in someone your age".  Mom started telling me I was middle aged when I turned 35, now that I'm 45 I'm almost old.
  5. I have to bake cookies tonight for Grandparents day at school tomorrow.  We're having our annual All Saints Day presentation, and the school grandparents are invited.
  6. I haven't read anything since finishing Indiscreet, and I will definitely get to some sort of review soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah the naked men on the covers mmm , hot , sexy , yummy but so bad for the pr of romance and frankly i wonder why we never see women like that on the covers , then again we do on magazine covers mmmm, i can do without the naked men on the cover , it doesnt tell the book kind of story very well it seem and i do avoid them ehhhh, but i dont , wont bother to be perturbed by it all, bah, we all have other things to do , just blame it on the publishers , they should know better , they think they do for sure, mmmmmmm butttttttttttttttt i LOVE to know if them covers make for good sales ??????????
and who does it worse ? paranormal or the more erotic lines or ??????then again them covers tickle me to see but dont exactly make me want to buy them but i do love great book covers!
have a good weekend , dont forget your clocks! mamx from the good old canada , nb ------