Wednesday, October 21

Current Reading

Currently I'm reading Karin Tabke's Master of Torment.  Book two of her Blood Sword Legacy series.  I read book three first then went back for one  and two.  The Blood Swords are William the Conqueror's elite fighting force.

I'm enjoying the series, it's been quite some time since there has beena strong voice writing medieval romances that sound as realistic as I would expect. Not being a scholar of the period, I go by what I think sounds real in speech cadences and story structure. Honestly, I can't say how realistic or true to history they are, but they're working for me.

I wont be getting much reading in today. I have work this morning, after care at school from 3 to 6 and then I'm back for a parent association meeting at 7.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Wendy said...

When you come up for air, go check my blog. Just sayin'.

Tara Marie said...

Yeah for me!! I won the book contest over at Wendy's :)

Kristie (J) said...

I have all three of this series and I keep meaning to start reading them. Now you have me wanting to check them out!!

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, I'm enjoying them, but I've not seen any reviews elsewhere for them so it's possible I'm simply on a medieval high since they're so few and far between :)