Saturday, October 3

The next two weeks are crazy...

In two weeks our school will host a very large fundraiser.  In years past it raised half of our yearly fundraising income, but this year it looks like we'll make very little--we're taking a big hit because of the economy.  Unfortunately the work load for this event is huge and we're all getting a little tense.  It's crunch time and everyone is feeling it.  There's snipping and snarling going on all over the place.

Next weekend Junior and the Hubby are going camping with the Cub Scouts.  And that's turning into an event too.  Usually we pay a fee and the pack supplies the food.  This time we bring our own food, but it's specific things that they will "cook as a pack".  I don't think it's going to work but I'm keeping my mouth shut.  Otherwise there may be snipping and snarling going on all over the place.

This weekend the Hubby has to work and I'm manning a booth at our town's Fall festival.  It should be fine.  That is unless someone from the town's school board corners me again to discuss "school issues" then there will be snipping and snarling going on all over the place (actually it will only be in my head--I'm very diplomatic and can smile and nod while seething, but that's another tale).

I'm hoping to squeeze in some reading.

Have a great weekend :)

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