Tuesday, October 13

Random discoveries...

I've been blog hopping again and just following links to different places, and have made some random discoveries...
  1. It doesn't matter who talks about ereaders--the mind wanders, the eyes glaze over and the ringing in the ears sounds like every adult in a Peanuts cartoon... wah, wah waaahh.  I know it's the future of books and reading, but I'm waiting for technology to even itself out and prices to start to come down.  And ebook prices aren't always that great. And everyone is talking about them.
  2. There are some really good review sites out there.  I've been running Kristie's sidebar and have been lurking on interesting review and commentary blogs with some gorgeous graphics.  The first few times I ran Kristie's sidebar there were an awful lot of contests and things that didn't interest me, but for the last week I've been finding some good stuff.
  3. I need to update my sidebar to include all the good stuff I've found (see #2).
  4. I must be a prude, but Holy Cow, there are a lot more sites that need consent warnings.  Not that consent warnings actually mean anything.  But at least I'd be forewarned.
  5. I'm not ususally bothered by book covers, but I've seen a few that I would have to cover for public reading and I NEVER do this--one didn't even have people on it and it definitely would need to be covered in public, I'm leaving it at that.
  6. Covers again, I know I just said I'm not usually bothered by covers, but everyone is bothered by AVON covers...  Why do we get sucky AVON step back covers here in the States but in England the AVON covers are lovely and artsy?
  7. RT doesn't like me.  I've tried registering several times and I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get the registration confirmation.  And yes, I've checked the SPAM mailbox.  Not that I need to be on the RT message boards--it's just annoying.
  8. There are several bloggers obsessed with Lisa Kleypas heros--Kristie started a trend :)
  9. Some of the interaction between writers and bloggers is interesting and some of it is cringe worthy. I guess that never changes.
  10. The next time you go to Walmart make sure you don't look like a freak and if you're going to wear a pink micro-mini please wear underpants.  Someone will take your picture and post it online for all the world to stumble across.  And no, I don't know where I found this one, it was a link, from a link, from a link thing.
Ten is a good number to stop at.

I've got Bingo today, I wont be back until tonight.  Have a great day and happy reading :)


Wendy said...

I do have an e-Reader, and rarely blog about it. In a nutshell: I love my Sony Reader and that's how I'm reading 98% of my Harlequins these days. But single titles? Yeah, still buying Dead Tree Books.

Right there with ya on the content warning. Honestly, I'm not a prude. No really, I'm not! But when I click on a blog and all I see if nekkid menz, I'm clicking right off without reading any of the content. And who the heck knows? There could be some good content there that I'm missing.

BevBB said...

It's a tightwalk. Really. I want to talk about some of the the erotic romances I read on my blog. I do. But if I commented honestly about them my face would be red just typing what I want to say and I am not a prude.

I do read the dang things. ;)

I have seriously thought about locking some of the posts to permission only by using a specific category for them. That was something I started thinking about after I began reading more ebooks and therefore more erotic romances but I've never implemented it. Part of the reason is that when I post on boards like AAR or even skim those like RT, it always shocks me what most regular romance readers still think qualifies as erotica. They desparately need information about what's actually out there.

And you can't do that if someone isn't honest about what actually in the books.

Oh, and Tara, I recently signed up on the RT boards, too, although I haven't posted yet and had to email the webmaster to get it verified because I never got an email either. Apparently they've just changed webmasters and are in transistion on their procedures. O.o

Anonymous said...

i dont have an ereader , i have an old treo smartphone with the palm built into it , i read on that , the screen is lit up , i can make the font big or small and in differnt font or color, the background i can make any color- green since it the easiest on eyes that a fact- and i can read on it way faster than a book at times, it look small but that really not true, one can download free book in diff format , example baen publisher, the guggeienm project ? hard to spell that one right , umm u can download free software ebook programs, mobi pocket , ebook program, but a friend has her blackberry and read on that pretty wwell , so poo to the kindle thank you very much


Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I can understand getting the Harlequins downloads because there are some many books available each month, the cost must be much better.

I'm clicking right off without reading any of the content. And who the heck knows? There could be some good content there that I'm missing.--that's exactly it and doesn't all those "nekkid menz" kind of reinforce the porn for women stereotype?

Bev--I laughed when I read your comment--we walk that same tightrope :)

mamx--I like the look and size of the Kindle--but not the price, too much for my budget and it seems to have some problems.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Tara Marie,
I found your blog in just that way. What fun :) I like your blog and will come often now I've found it.
All the very best,

Tara Marie said...

Simone, I'm so glad you found me. Hopefully I wont disappoint :)