Wednesday, October 28

Today's List

  1. I posted something earlier about the discussion that was going on at DA yesterday, but decided nothing I had to say was that revolutionary or different than what was already being discussed. So, I deleted it (actually I saved it as a draft to sit in blogger Never Neverland)
  2. I have an appointment to have my hair done at a local day spa.  Haven't had a good hair cut in quite a while.  Everytime I went to my old salon, the stylist (my husband's cousin's ex-wife) didn't really listen to what I wanted, even though I agreed with her that her ex is an *^(#*^%
  3. I work after care today, so I wont be back on-line until tonight.
  4. The Yankees play tonight :)


BevBB said...

You mean I missed a controversy in romancelandia? (blink, blink)

Can you tell I'm all torn up over it? :D

Have fun pampering yourself a little.

Megan Frampton said...

Yay Yankees!