Friday, October 23

Wendy's questions of the day...

Wendy's questions today seems very relevent to the conversation yesterday on Dear Author (see yesterday's post)...  what are the book buying habits of other readers?

What I Buy New:  Paperbacks:  I'm very particular about what I buy new.  The budget is tight and I stick to auto-buy authors and highly recommended books from bloggers like Rosario and Rosie--my reading tastes seem to be pretty consistantly similar to theirs.  Hardcovers:  Rarely and I mean rarely do I buy hardcovers and usually I save gift cards that I get for my birthday and Christmas for these.

ARCs:  I don't get ARCs anymore.  18 months of not blogging gets you off all sorts of lists, which is fine because I always felt obligated to read and review things as soon as I received them and hated reviewing a free book that I didn't like.

Buying Used: I try to keep a list of books that I want used... new to me authors, recommended reads by blogger other than Rosario and Rosie, and I try to get to my local UBS every couple of months. While there I'll pick up anything that looks good.

What I Get In "e":   Right now I'm not getting anything "e".  I have an older device that isn't backlit and doesn't have enough memory to store more than a couple of books at a time.  BN's Nook looks interesting, but I'm going to wait for prices to come down and put it on a Christmas wish list for next year (let all the kinks get worked out first).  I'm not into technology, I have a cell phone, but rarely use it and would probably like an i-phone because of all the apps, but I don't need one.

That's it for my book buying habits.

Have a great day and happy reading :)


Wendy said...

I used to keep a wish list for used bookstore trips, but have since deleted it. It was so hopelessly out of date that it would have taken longer for me to "update" it than it would have for me to just delete it. So I did.

These days, my TBR is so mammoth I tend to just browse when going to the UBS. Most of the specific OP titles I'm looking for tend to be categories - and most of the UBSes around here have stopped carrying any Harlequins older than 6 months :( Thank heavens for sites like PaperbackSwap. It's Old Harlequin Heaven.

Tara Marie said...


My list for the UBS usually consists of a scribbled down list of authors and/or titles that I've written on the note pad I keep by the computer. So, the list may also contain... 3rd grade spelling words, groceries, a list of books for the child (he desperately want the Wimpy Kid books--I cringe just thinking about them, though I have to admit I was a bit surprised he wasn't interested in the Captain Underpants series--sorry, I digressed)

Mammoth is a good description for my TBR pile too. If you have a problem finding Harlequins, email me a list, my UBS has them going back for YEARS!!