Wednesday, July 13

Just Call Me Lizzie

Lifted this from Alyssa's Blog :

You scored as Elizabeth Bennet. As one of Austen's most beloved characters, Elizabeth Bennet represents what most women would like to become: strong, independent, and loyal. Of course, she has her faults including a stubborn will of iron and a clinging to first impressions. Overall, Lizzie is bright and lovable...something to admire and aspire to.

Which Jane Austen Character are You?
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Anne E. said...

I'm Eleanor Dashwood (Emma Thompson) from "Sense and Sensibility," with a strong jolt of Elizabeth Bennet. Fun quiz!

Bookwormom said...

Coincidentally, I scored as Elinor Dashwood too!

Alyssa said...

Oh, Tara Marie, you're so lucky! I wanted to be Elizabeth. It looks like there are several Elinors out there!


Tara Marie said...

I think I'm a "Elizabeth" over an "Elinor" because I chose the Wit over Money question on the last page, what was the other "Patients over repoach"??

Alyssa said...

Oh, yes, it was. I chose patience over reproach. Good to know.