Monday, July 11

Whine, Bitch, Complain...

Well, it's 5:53 in the morning and I've been up for an hour and a half. Junior had a bad dream and is now asleep in our bed, in my spot (that's okay--I love watching him sleep.)

My reading binge is slowing down, I've hit a few "not great" books, though I did finish The Shadowy Horses, which was very good.

  • Julia Quinn's It's In His Kiss was kind of boring, nice banter, but I never really got into the story or the h/h's relationship. Gregory was very funny and I'm relieved that his story is next and last. Julia Quinn is a guest squawker over at Squawk Radio this week.
  • Double Trouble by Claire Cross is written in the first person, which I like, normally it's a nice change from 3rd person. This book gave me a headache, I found myself rereading paragraphs, passages and pages, because at times it seemed rather convoluted--funny coming from me the queen of convoluted.
  • The Book of the Seven Delights is Betina Krahn's new book. I started it yesterday, and it's not bad, but at times it's dragging. It gets big points for being set in Victorian Morocco. The hero is English/French and the heroine is American. It reminds me of "The Mummy" movies--which I love.
  • Last night I started reading The Wedding Night of an English Rogue by Jillian Hunter when I realized I'd left TBOTSD downstairs and was too lazy to go down and get it. After about 5 pages I turned off the booklight, took off my glasses and watched Cold Case on CBS with my husband, it's one of his favorite shows, but I always find it rather sad and usually much rather read.

There you go, the books that have pulled me out of a really good reading groove. Don't get me wrong, TBOTSD isn't bad and I haven't analyzed it enough to decide what's not working, and the Julia Quinn is well written, just boring.

I forgot to mention, last week I saw some of the new-sized paperbacks. To be honest, they look awkward, kind of tall and thin (about an inch taller than regular paperbacks, but no wider.) I wasn't impressed.

I think I'm finally done with the RT message boards (except for the General Board--I'll keep checking on how Jenster is doing). This was the question that finally put me over the edge:

"...Blank Pages at back of books...does it bother you?...Okay i may be getting just a bit picky here, but I've been noticing these 2-3 blank pages at the back of book more and more lately ... and wondered how you felt about this trend...."

Who the %$&%$$ cares!!! Is this inane crap or what?? I had to get that off my chest, I was going to post it over there, but figured it would offend someone. I know better than to go into this person's threads, but it's like rubber necking, I can't help but look. Oh, I feel much better.

On a much nicer note, Beverly's interview is up on mcvane this morning.

Have a great day, and happy reading.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about those particular posts on the RT board. When someone questioned, a while back, why this particular poster had like, a gazillion posts, they got jumped on purty gud! Where do they come up with those questions?! BTW, I'm "conservative" from the RT boards, not really anonymous. I just can't remember my blasted password!

Tara Marie said...

"Conservative", I was the idiot that defended the poor woman who commented about the "gazillion posts". I, too, wanted to know what was up with all the questions!!

Anonymous said...

Otherwise known as "conservative" (for these posts only, maybe I'll remember that password):

So you were the lone defender! I so wanted to jump in there, because after all she asked the question I had been wondering about myself. But...I chickened out! I didn't want to get attacked. After all, I get enough of that on the RT political board! :-)

Jay said...

Double Trouble is confusing, is it? That means I'm probably going to have a wonderful time trying to figure out whats going on since I skim so much. I might let this one sit in the TBR for a little longer.