Monday, July 25

The Night Stand From Hell

Yesterday morning I took a look at my side of our bedroom and decided it was a disaster, it didn't really look bad, but there were piles of books not only in my night stand, but also in baskets next to the bed.

So after a couple of hours of organizing and cleaning up I found a permanent home for my TBR pile in my night stand/bookcase.

So out of this little corner of our room I found:

  • 75 books to give to my sister
  • 2 dozen "keepers" that I re-read on a fairly regular basis, 10 were Linda Howard books.
  • I discovered I had duplicates of 4 Eloisa James' books, because I couldn't find my copies and bought new ones.
  • Book covers (protectors)--3 for MMPB and 2 for TPB
  • 10 pieces of jewelry that I've gotten as gifts in the last 2 years still in their boxes never worn.
  • 6 Pennypress Puzzle books, 3 mechanical pencils, 2 pens and a handful of Romantic Times Magazines all but one were 3 years old or older.
  • An ARC of Laura Van Wormer's The Last Lover that I never read

Now, my TBR pile has a lovely home, the books are in alphabetical order and are nicely organized.

I had these night stand/bookcases specially built for us, they can hold up to 300 paperbacks and/or video tapes (hubby loves to tape old movies, sporting events etc.) Please note I'm not showing a picture of my husbands because it literally has close to 300 video tapes in it and looks like one big black hole.

I wonder how long it's going to look this good. I should have taken a before and after picture--LOL, next time.

Have a good one.


CW said...

Very nice! :)

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

I love that nightstand! I need something similar - books are taking over my home!

Anne E. said...

I'm impressed! Once I enlarged the photo I could get a better idea -- but I have to say I can't believe it can hold up to 300 books without looking crowded. Very nice!

Anne E. said...

I think what I meant to say was: it doesn't look crowded even though it holds 300 books --- it has to be the heat!

Tara Marie said...

Anne--when it has more than 150 books in it it looks crowded, right now it only has 70+/- and I've put them in so I can read the spine on all of them. When I'm craming it full they go up and down and go twice as deep.

sybil said...

You go with your badself. Looks great!