Friday, July 15

Still Stuck & The Pot Luck Book...

Well, for the third day running, we'll be stuck in the house--paving today.

When Junior and I went to leave yesterday, I realized the drop off the end of the driveway to the unpaved road was too big and I would have scraped the bottom of the mini-van. The DH drives an SUV and clearance isn't a problem for him.

So instead of re-organizing the home office, which is in desperate need of doing, I've been reading and floating around the pool--tough life, I know--LOL. Hey, it's too humid to do anything else.

In yesterday's mail I received my "Pot Luck" book, thank you "Secret Santa". Since I couldn't decide what to read yesterday morning I read this one.

The Man For Her by Alice Valdal

I had seen this book at the grocery store and loved the cover, but I'm not a huge "westerns" fan, so I had passed on it, but it wasn't bad, liked that it is set in Western Canada (British Columbia) and I like the back drop of a ranch (farm) and the "Gold Rush".

My problem with the book came from the heroine (Lottie). She has waited 10 years for her lover/fiance to return to her and has allowed her son from this relationship to believe his father is coming back. This is the driving force of the plot and almost all the book's conflicts revolve around this.

The hero (Sean) is the missing man's cousin (the cousins could pass for twins). Sean felt duty bound to stay behind in Ireland and care for his cousin's famine stricken family, and then feels bound to help Lottie and her son. Right from the start she is mad at Sean for wanting to follow his cousin to the gold fields and yet still waits for her 1st love to come back (she writes him letters that she keeps to give to him when he returns.)

Honey, he ain't coming back. It takes her 10 years to figure this out??

The book climaxes with the son running away to find his father.

Sean is a good man. Unfortunately, Lottie at times lives up to her nickname "Crazy Lottie," and because of her eccentricities and choices she makes life harder for her child--I've got a problem with this.

After finishing this one, I decide to read a favorite. Jane Feather's The Accidental Bride. I kow it has some problems with historical accuracy, but I like it anyway.
  • I like May/December romances and there's at least 15 years between them.
  • Phoebe (the heroine) is funny and strong willed, yet not TSTL.
  • Cato (the hero) is completely dumb founded by Phoebe and her natural sensuality.

I enjoy the interaction between them.

I'm hoping the paving is done early enough that we can escape, I'm starting to crawl the walls, and Junior is beyond bored.

Have a great day, and happy reading.


Tara Marie said...

We managed to escape for a few hours and they road crew almost didn't let me back down the street (the pavements not cured?!)

CW said...

LOL! Ooh no! I've had the paving trap happen to me, too.

Bookwormom said...

3 days to repave a road? How many miles are they repaving? Seems to me your paving people need to be a bit more on the ball. Trapping people in their homes for days on end isn't cool.