Sunday, July 17

Kids Birthday Parties and Stuck in Park

Yesterday my son went to his second "Chuck E. Cheese" birthday party in the last month. I'm not big on these "theme" parties. Two hours of pure hell. Three and four year olds running around like little lunatics, then are told to sit down eat pizza, dance with "Chuck," eat cake and leave, so the next round of parties can start. There were seven parties going on at the same time, one of the parties was for a 2 year old, he's going to remember this--why waste the money? It's utter chaos. Chaos I tell you.

Junior will be 4 next month, we're having two family parties and that's it. I would have one party, but our nephew's birthday is the week after Junior's and we'll have their party together (husband's side of the family.) We did this last year for the first time and the kids liked it and it was fun. There are enough 1st cousins to make up for not having a "kids" party. We do a craft table and a pinata, and the kids have a great time. Either the following day or the next week, we have a nice quiet birthday with my family. My dad's not up to anything too chaotic.

When we went to leave Chuck's I couldn't get the van out of Park. I hate automatic transmissions. Finally, after playing with it I got it into Drive and had no problems driving home. But, now it's stuck in Park in our driveway and if I can't get it out, we'll have to have it towed to the garage. So, we'll be stuck in the house again. Wonderful. Hopefully it wont need a transmission.

Have a great day, and happy reading. Reading is my plan for the day--it looks like rain.


Anne E. said...

I have had a similiar problem with my car from time to time, but repair mavens can't figure out the cause. Haven't seen you on the RT Message Boards lately, nor on my blog either. The RT Boards aren't as interesting as they once were --even with some of the regulars still hanging around. I don't post much myself, except to comment on the latest Harry Potter and a poll on favorite category of sex scenes, and I have to say I did get some good feedback on a work-related issue a couple of weeks ago (bet you can figure out who posted the question on favorite category of sex scenes, LOL! And now she is on the General Board as well.....).

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