Thursday, July 14


The village decided to tear up our road and have basically left us trapped. We live on a dead end street and can't get out because they're "reclaiming" the road, tomorrow they're paving.

The good side of being trapped is I've finished 3 books in the last 2 1/2 days. I finished
  1. Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle--excellent book and would highly recommend it if you like romantic suspense, an "out of the box" read.
  2. Daisy's Back in Town by Rachel Gibson--well, I can now say I do NOT like secret baby stories especially ones that take 15 years to tell the father.
  3. Guilty Pleasures by Laura Lee Guhrke--this is a re-read. It's one of my favorites from last year, and I still enjoyed it, but not as much as the first time I read it. I guess I was nit picking it a little and found the "Duke" to be too controlling (as if a duke he's not supposed to be controlling). I don't know, I just didn't like him as much as the first time around.

I don't know what to read next, I'm really trying to mix things up a little, so I'm basically not reading the same sub-genre one after another. I ordered three more books through the UBS, and, of course, 2 of them are Regency historicals--smack me in the head.

Tuesday, after our pool play date, I loaned 3 books to one of the other mothers. We'd never talked books before, turns out she is a huge historical romance fan but since she's been home for the past 4 years having babies (3 under the age of 4 and want to have another in the next year), she does little reading. She borrowed Marsha Canham's Robin Hood Trilogy. I'm praying I get them back, though I did threaten her ("I know where you live.")

I'm praying I can get out while the work crews are on lunch. I've got some errands to run. Including picking up a birthday gift for a kids party--I hate these things, but I'll rant about them on another day.

Have a great day, and happy reading.


Jay said...

At least they're paving the street. My mom lives on an unpaved street and rather than paving it each spring and fall they bring fresh rocks to re-cover it. When she complained about all the rocks they told her they'd pave it if she paid for it. I told her if she paid for it she better have them rename the street to Yapaway Road too!

Mary Stella said...

I adore the Robin Hood trilogy!

Bookwormom said...

Boy,you're brave lending out Robin Hood.

Good luck with the paving. We have two of the biggest road construction projects in the region, but luckily I have yet to be trapped at home.

Thanks for the sympathy yesterday.