Monday, July 4

We're Home Early...

We decided to make the Berkshires a day trip, it's less than a two hour drive, so the hubby decided he'd rather sleep in his own bed. Junior got to go on another train ride, so he enjoyed our little trip. Berkshire Scenic Railroad and The Norman Rockwell Museum were our two stops. There is an amazing amount of things to do while visiting the Berkshires, but since it's so close to home, I think we'll be making more day trips and maybe a mini vacation. Scenically the area reminds me of home (New York's Hudson Valley and Catskills).

We got home last night in time to watch Dirty Dancing. I've not watched the whole thing in years. I still enjoyed it even though it's campy and the dialogue is horrendous. I can't believe it's almost 20 years old. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." made it into the top 100 movie lines.

Well, I'm left wondering whatever happened to Baby and Johnny (not in real life Jennifer Grey had a nose job and ruined her interesting face and Patrick Swayze, well, I guess he's somewhere in Texas.)

So, what does everyone think? Did they get married or go their separate ways? Did she save the world? What does he do after "dancing"?

I rarely watch TV at night, but after watching DD my husband put on a video of 12 Angry Men. It's one of my all time favorite movies. I'm always left wondering, did the kid do it?

Got a ton of reading done this weekend:
  1. The Bane Affair--Alison Kent
  2. The Shaughnessey Accord--Alison Kent
  3. The Samms Agenda--Alison Kent
  4. To Pleasure a Prince--Sabrina Jeffries
  5. One Night with a Prince--Sabrina Jeffries

And, I'm half way through Double Trouble by Claire Cross.

I traded for the Kent books and to be honest I probably would have been really annoyed if I had bought them, not because they weren't good, they are but they would have been expensive. All of them are trade paperbacks, both TSAs are 117 pages long and cost $7.99 new (that's 7 cents a page.)

Will someone please explain why so many of us feel the need to finish books that are part of a series? The 2 Jeffries books are the last 2 in The Royal Brotherhood Series, I read the first one last week and thought it only so so. The second was the best of the lot and dammit I'm left wanting the hero's sister's story, which is so annoying, because I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it. Now I'm 1/2 way through Double Cross and I realize there's a book before it--again annoying I'll search it out even though I'm not loving this one.

I really am a pathetic book junkie.

Hope everyone had a great and safe weekend.

PS--Megan, I didn't finish Into the Fire yet. Somehow I've missed placed it and haven't had time to rip the house and car apart looking for it. I was enjoying it, but I like just about everything Anne Stuart writes.

One more thing--my son picked up a variation of an expletive I hadn't heard before... H-E-double fish sticks.


Jill said...

My daughter stubbed her toe yesterday and said "H-E-double hockey sticks". Where did this come from, LOL?

CW said...

Fish sticks! Hehe. That IS one I hadn't heard before.

I haven't seen DD in so long I don't know what they'd be doing, but good question. Teaching people how to dance in the Peace Corps, maybe? :P

Bookwormom said...

Glad you had a fun trip w/jr. How was the Rockwell muyseum? Hubby wants to go.

No answer about wanting to read the sequels, I'm the same way unless the first one ws a wallbanger.

Bookwormom said...

Sorry bout the spelling. LOL!

Anne E. said...

"H-E-double fish sticks" is very cute! I've heard of "H-E-double hockey sticks" for years (this goes back at least to my h.s days, and I'm 60).

Tara Marie said...

Jill and Anne--I've been known to use double hockey sticks on occasion, along with your sister neck.

cw--there was a slew of kids at my BIL's the other day, I'm sure he picked it up there.

Amanda--The Rockwell Museum is worth the trip, the museum itself is beautiful and the grounds are lovely, there is so a lot of "cultural" things in the area, museums, galleries, Tanglewood is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Edith Wharton's home (I think it's called The Mount) is also in the area and it's supposed to have beautiful gardens. We'll go back soon, maybe sans child.

Alyssa said...

I've heard a "double toothpicks" version.