Monday, August 15

For all the Yankee Fans (HA HA HA)

I know how many of you are big Yankee fans--LOL. Today we went to Yankee Stadium for a "Classic" tour. I thought I'd share some pictures.

First stop on the tour is Monument park.

We visited many of the Yankee old timers, but "The Mick" is special, my husband saw him play at the first game he ever went to in 1966, my DH was 7 years old.

Next we moved to the dugout, not a bad view from the bench. Notice the fence, it went up after Don Zimmer got hit in the head.

The stop after the bench was "The Locker room"--no pictures allowed. Personal space and all that, I think it's because they're slobs and their "personal spaces" are a mess. Bernie Williams has the biggest locker--he has the most seniority, but Derek Jeter has 2 lockers one for his "stuff" and one for all his fan mail (I'm not kidding.)

On to the press box, I think this is the best view of all. I sat at an AP work station, but my MIL sat at a station for a Japanese paper. Half the tour were Japanese tourists visiting the Matsui Mecca.

Our son and what must be one of the biggest bobblehead dolls on earth. This is in the gift shop, at this point Junior was too hungry to look at souvenirs and we had to talk him into getting something, and what does he want, maybe a hat, shirt or a jacket maybe a jersey, nope, not our kid, he wants a Yankee atv with removable rider!?!

And, there you have the official "Classic" Yankee Stadium tour. It takes a little over an hour and boy, do they keep you moving.

And on a serious note, they have a moving monument for 9/11, which was dedicated on the 1st anniversary.


Jill said...

lol, loved the pic of your son! He's adorable.

Wendy said...

My eyes! My eyes! Stop the burning! Arrrrgghhhhhh!

LOL - OK, so I'm kidding. My retinas are probably still safely intact.

Megan Frampton said...

That looks like a fun tour--and I love the Yankees, much to the dismay of my Red Sox fan father. But honestly, how could I not be a fan: Derek Jeter? Dish-y.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Cool - I'm looking forward to my first trip to Wrigley Field later this month. I love old ballparks, with so much history behind them!

Kristie said...

My dh would love that tour. One summer we traveled around to different ball parks following the Jays and it was a lot of fun! We didn't make Yankee Stadium though.

GO JAYS (sigh)