Friday, August 12

A Little of This and a Little of That From the New RT

Instead of reading last night, I flipped through the new Romantic Times. A few books caught my eye.
  • Brenda Joyce has a new book coming out, The Masquerade. It's a "secret baby" story set in Regency England. I'm not really sure I buy into this, but I may have to get it just to see if it works.
  • Unmasked by Virginia Henley has a "strong willed and highly determined" heroine, does anyone else think this is synonymous with "fiesty" and probably TSTL??
  • Some Like it Wicked by Deborah Raleigh is described as a "delightful regency romp", but the hero's nickname is "Hellion". Please, am I the only person this drives crazy?? I hate nicknames like this. I have no idea if they are historically correct and to be honest, I'm not sure I care. I stopped reading Stephanie Laurens because of the stupid nicknames, well and the fact the books got boring.

Joan Wolf's To The Castle was given 3 stars and that is probably the right on target, I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago.

Books that look interesting:

  • A Ladies Guide to Rakes -- Kathryn Caskie, I've read her other two both were good, I like her writing style. I know, I know, it's a regency...
  • Reckless -- Shannon Drake, it's partially set in Egypt, which I love, but I've not liked her "Victorian" period books, and the synopsis didn't really appeal, but it's set in Egypt. Did I mention it's set in Egypt??
  • After Midnight -- Theresa Medeiros, a vampire historical.
  • Into Temptation -- Penny Vincenzo, a historical fiction set post WW II.
  • Out of the Night -- Robin T Popp, how about this, it's a "chupacabra" story, that's one I didn't think could be done, but I thinks it's mixed with a vampire story which makes it rather curious.

Three authors I've not read, but think I may try:

  1. Karin Gillespie -- TheBottom Dollar Girls series.
  2. Sophia Kinsella -- The Undomestic Goddess
  3. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro --The Saint-Germain novels.

And there was one "Historical Erotic Romance" that caught my eye--literally, I liked the cover in the ad for the publisher (which I can't remember). A Week of Pleasure by Christie Kelley. It got a good review and had an interesting synopsis. It's an ebook, since I don't have a hand held device, I'd have to read it on the computer, I'm not so sure I want to do that. I'll see if I can load a picture of the cover later.

That's it for now.

Have a great day and happy reading.


La Karibane said...

Interesting books, indeed. The chupacabra is intriguing to say the least.
Oh, and I look on for Into Temptation and the author's name is actually Penny Vincenzi, not Vincenzo.
My budget is bust, already!

Anne E. said...

I've pre-ordered the Brenda Joyce and the Virginia Henley books. I have never found Ms Henley to have a heroine who is TSTL consistently throughout the book (they may have a little TSTL "moment," but usually they recognize it and move on). I loaned "To the Castle" to a co-worker a few days ago -- I haven't read it as yet -- and she liked it. She is from England and was thrilled about the song the heroine sings at one point in the story. She told me it is an actual 14th century song that she sang in school as a child!

Bookwormom said...

I've been hunting for Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, but can't find them around here. They consistently get good reviews.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Karin Gillespie's a friend of mine - I highly recommend her book!

Tara Marie said...

La Karibane, thanks for the correction, I was taking notes in the dark last night and I agree the chupacabra book sounds interesting!?!

Anne, I agree the Virginia Henley heroines usually only have moments of stupidity, but the description made me laugh.

Amanda, have you read any of the Yarbro books??

Melanie, I've added the Gillespie books to my to look for list.

CindyS said...

I have read Sophie Kinsella's first Shopaholic book and other than not understanding someone with that kind of denial, I did enjoy it. I have the next one in the TBR pile but won't let myself buy the rest until I read it and decide if I can take it.

I read a Chelsea Quinn Yarbro years ago in an anthology and I didn't finish it so I figured she wasn't for me.

I didn't know Medeiros' After Midnight was a vampire book. I need to see when it comes out!


erika said...

The only book that I'm really eagerly anticipating next month is Brenda Joyce's The Masquerade.
Shannon Drake used to be an auto buy but I haven't had the urge to buy her Regencies.