Friday, August 19

Movie meme maybe Monday

I spent almost 2 hours typing in my movie meme after being tagged by CindyS, please note, I ignored Maili's tagging everyone on her sidebar in the hopes I could avoid it all together, you know getting lost in the crowd, but when tagged by Cindy (hey I am her new best friend--LOL) I did it--it was funny, it had links, I worked really hard on it.

And, guess what the $%^^&*%$&% blogger crapped out on my when I hit "Publish Post." Lost the whole damn thing. I know to save long posts as I go *head to keyboard*

Now, I wont have time to do it again until Monday, maybe.


CindyS said...

I've had that happen with a post that was saved as a draft. Makes you wonder where in the hell this stuff ends up. It has to go somewhere, right? No pressure on the movie meme. I did it and did all the links and stuff too but then, I'm not running around after children - just cats and dogs and sometimes I can get away with ignoring them ;)


Anne E. said...

I guess I need to go back and read Maili's post because I must have missed something. I thought she was just talking about movies she had seen, and didn't realize there was more to it than that.