Wednesday, August 24

"My cod-piece is full of love..."

Well, that was one line that stopped me cold while reading Marjorie M. Liu's Tiger Eye. Maybe it's just me, but I NEVER want to read that line in a contemporary romance (I know, it's a paranormal, but that's no excuse, you know what? I don't want to read it in any romance--it would be bad in a medieval too). I realize it was a joke, but it's just a really bad line.

I went into reading this with the wrong frame of mind. When I noticed the "I LOVED this book. Anyone who loves my work , should love it too." quote from "New York Times Best-selling Author CHRISTINE FEEHAN" on the cover of the book, I knew it would be down hill from there. I find her [Feehan] books, over the top and melodramatic--I know she has a huge fangirl following, so obviously, I'm probably in the minority. I can't stand all the soul mate crap, and the "poor me, I suffer so" heros--YUCK.

Okay, this one wasn't that bad, but like Feehan and Kenyon it has way too many characters, who all have some sort of psychic powers and will probably all have spin-offs.

I can't be the only person who finds the dialogue between men in these books questionable. There is a scene between Hari (our hero) and Artur (a future hero) which I can't see happening in life.

"You are a dangerous man," Artur said quietly.

"Yes," Hari agreed. "But so are you."

..."Perhaps, although in a much different way. Our lives have not been easy, Hari, although I think I had the better bargain."

Hari leaned against the wall."What did you see when you touched me?"

"Enough. I always see more than I wish." Artur held up his gloved hands. "It is why I protect myself."

..."I would not wish my life on anyone."

"So you say, but the past has a way of circling us in our sleep."

"Spoken like a man who knows."

and so it goes on...

I realize that Hari is 2000 years old and has been stuck in a riddle box for the last 600 years, and Artur is Russian so their speech patterns may be different, but come on. Does anyone know men who talk like this, especially after knowing each for a day. Maybe my problem is I don't know any truly "dangerous" men, maybe "dangerous" men actually talk this way.

If you like Feehan and Kenyon, you'll probably like this book. If not, don't waste your time or money on this one.

OMG, was that bitchy enough, maybe I shouldn't even post this one--LOL.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Caro said...

My cod-piece is full of love?

Eewww. I've done Ren-fairs and I've seen the inside of a guy's codpiece. Believe me....eeewwww!

That's a line that probably would have jerked me right out of the story and had me putting the book down.

Kristie said...

You seem to be having a rather rough time after Passion :( I wonder sometimes if the books we read after a major excellent read suffer a bit in comparison. Not saying that's what's happening with you, but I know sometimes it does with me. That's when I have to reread a comfort read. Sort of to shake out of a particularily intense book. Anyway, about Tiger's Eye. I rather liked it but I can see why someone might have problems with it. I somehow missed the codpiece of love though. That would have cracked me up too. But then I liked the first 3 or 4 Kenyon books until it became same old same old. I never have been able to get into Feehan's Carpathians.

Tara Marie said...

Caro--it did stop me in my tracks, I laughed and put it down and didn't plan on finishing, but I picked it back up this morning and decided to finish it so I could complain about. That's bad isn't it.

Kristie--You know, that was my thought as I was finishing Bet Me, but I really liked the beginning and expected to like the whole thing. I think it has been poor book choices, I'm very particular about paranormal and I didn't like Crusie's last couple, so I should have known better.

As to Feehan and Kenyon, I find Kenyon readable, I don't really like the continuing sagas that seem to have no ending, too many characters to keep track of. From what other people say Feehan is readable in smaller doses, I read 5 in a row and thought--OMG have I lost my mind, liked each one less and less. How I let myself reach the 5th book I don't know, maybe I kept thinking that it had to get better.

ReneeW said...

Well, shoot, did I sleep through this book? I totally missed the codpiece bit. I liked it better than you, but I have never read Feehan or Kenyon and don't plan to. I'm going to have to pay more attention!

Alyssa said...

I liked this book quite a bit more than you did. You're right about there being more books with the psychics. Good news for me, not so good for you. LOL!

Like a few others, I want to know how I missed the codpiece sentence? What page is it on?


Tara Marie said...

Hey Ladies, I swear didn't make it up. Page 214.

Tara Marie said...

PS--you all probably missed it because it's not said by Hari, but rather one of the psychic flunkys.

Anne E. said...

Reminds me of the fierce Black Russian codpiece in "Black Adder." If you have never watched the series, please note that the codpiece sticks out about a foot.

Bookwormom said...

Love the Black Adder codpiece routine! OMG. I have the Liu book buried somewhere. I need a laugh after the last week.

Mary Stella said...

Hmm. I really liked Tiger Eye and want to read more by Marjorie Liu. I also loved Faking It and Bet Me. Guess it just goes to show that different books appeal to different people. Thank goodness so many books are published every year. We have many from which to choose!