Friday, August 19

Trip to the UBS Today

Yes, I needed more books--LOL.

Picked up:
  • Passion by Lisa Valdez, it's getting great buzz, I already started reading it--OMG.
  • Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, I know, I'm probably the last person in the romance reading world to read this one, but to be honest I hated Faking It and didn't pick this one up because of it.
  • Lyon's Gate by Catherine Coulter, it's a compulsion, the damned series needs finishing.
  • The Ideal Husband and Once a Bride both by Shari Anton, I've no idea whether or not they are any good, but they are medievals and I'm desperate for a decent medieval.

Am I the only one who hates these taller (the Coulter) books? They look ridiculous.


Nicole said...

Well, haven't read those Shari Anton books, but the one I did read I absolutely hated. :-)

Tara Marie said...

Oh, no!!! well, I guess it could be worse, I could have paid full price for them.

erika said...

I'd love to see your opinion on C. Coulters book! I should have waited to buy it at the ubs.
Sat. I plan to make a run to the ubs and hopefully I'll find something interesting.

Kristie (J) said...

Sure doesn't take long to get to the OMG in Passion does it? :)

CindyS said...

I loved Passion! But then, I guess you knew that. Can't wait to see what you think and the OMG stuff get even better.


Anne E. said...

I haven't seen the taller books, as I am staying out of book stores. I do enough damange to my credit card with the on-line book sellers (so much for my vow to slow down my spending on books -- it lasted one month, and now I'm worse than ever!).

Jay said...

Oh I hate the taller books. They really look like they should be travel guides. I'm hoping they put the A list authors on the tall books and leave my midlist authors alone.

Rosario said...

Bet Me is very, very different from Faking It. I think you're going to love it!