Thursday, August 11

The Reading Binge is officially over...

Well, I'm completely out of my great reading binge. Between birthday parties and issues with my husband's side of the family, my reading groove is shot to hell.

I've finished all of 3 books this month. I started Elizabeth Vaughan's The Warprize Tuesday and finally finished it this morning. I didn't get all the hoopla, it was good, but maybe it's just me at times I felt like I was reading through a fog. The book is written in the first person and since at times the heroine didn't always understand what was going on around her, we were supposed to be as questioning as she was. I'm not that into fantasy so maybe that was my problem.

Good news, my Barnes and Noble order came, it finishes the 2176 series for me.
  • Day of Fire -- Kathleen Nance
  • The Power of Two -- Patti O'Shea
  • The Scarlet Empress -- Susan Grant

I also picked up 2 Patricia Cabot's at the UBS (Educating Caroline and Kiss the Bride.

I also picked up the new Romantic Times--like I need to order more books. There's a cranky letter to the "Mailbag" about the "offensive" covers in some of the advertisements and a response that's just as cranky from RT. I'm never quite sure why people complain about the ads in RT, if you feel the need to hide your RT because of the book covers, do you have to hide your books too?

Have a good night and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

I smirked at the letter whining about the covers- & laughed at RTBC's non answer too. IMO, if the covers & ads bother you so much than either stop subscribing or hide them. I'm still subscribing, but have thought about dropping RTBC simply to slow grow of my TBR. As if that'll happen, lol.

Anne E. said...

I don't understand why RT continues to respond to letters of that type...the neverending saga! Perhaps the editors need to consider publishing a mission statement in each issue that includes the magazine's position on covers, reviews, etc. If the position shifts at some point, they can revise the statement. I think I'll suggest that in an e-mail.