Thursday, August 18

Mommy Mode

For the last 3 weeks I've been in "Mommy Mode."

Mommy mode kills brain cells and I have absolutely nothing profound to say, but I do have a couple of questions:

  1. Why when you have a group of children together it seems like their behavior deteriorates to the worse behaved child? Seven children for a pool birthday party is too many, I now know why parents choose to have parties out.
  2. Why would anyone with kids have one of those gorgeous glass shower surrounds you see on all the decorating shows? I can't go into the bathroom without being interupted and certainly can't take a shower without someone coming in to ask a question.

Have a good one...


Anonymous said...

That's why they put locks on the bathroom door! Use it and then repeat after me, "Whaaaat?! Sorry, I can't hear you!". Then pray they just go away. :-)


Anne E. said...

That is why there is a Chuckie Cheese - that and so the mom can play Whack a Mole!

As to the shower question, I think I would probably bathe in a mumu if I had a bathroom like that.