Friday, August 26

The Perfect Heroine?????

It's the 21st century, is it possible to find a 25 year old woman who is not only a virgin, but never been kissed, vegan virgin?? Oh, she's also beautiful and a social activist. And guess what--their first kiss is their wedding kiss.


Megan Frampton said...

Honestly, I don't understand the obsessive need for purity in romance novels. Of course, that's probably why I don't read books that feature those heroines--what books do that these days anyway? Am I so jaded that being an experienced, meat-eating woman is nothing to get upset about>

Nicole said...

Yes. I have a great friend who's beautiful, but rather shy. Virgin and never been kissed. Though I doubt she'd wait to the wedding. She just hasn't found the right guy and has been busy with school, etc.

And knew of a couple who waited for their marriage to kiss.

Wendy said...

OK, the kissing thing would bug the crap out of me. The virgin thing I can buy - but hello? No kissing? Ever? No way. I mean, didn't some boy steal a kis when she was in grade school?

What really gets my goat is when the book is a contemporary and the heroine is not only a virgin, but extremely naive. "You're going to put what where?!?!"

Hello? She's never seen an R rated movie? Watched Cinamax? Read Cosmo? Seen a sexy advertisement in a magazine?

Nicole said...

Yeah, it's the naive thing that bugs me.

Wendy, I wasn't kissed until I was 19. Really. But I sure as hell knew what was going on way before that.

The couple who waited to kiss were quite religious.

meljean brook said...

My sister is a 25 year old vegetarian virgin who's never been kissed :D Seriously. Nice girl, too -- decent looking. She's also the type of person to take care of my parents unto their death. Fits that martyr-ish heroine thingy to a T.

Much as I adore her, I don't know that I'd want to read a book about her. :D

meljean brook said...

Oh! but I should add -- yeah, she's not naive. She knows exactly what's going on, and what she's missing.

Tara Marie said...

Megan, Maybe it's the NY thing, but these heroines annoy the hell out of me.

Nicole, I would like to say the heroine was quite religious, but she was really just uptight. I know there are sweet and shy women out there, but this didn't fit the character. She was obnoxious and rude and judgemental.

Wendy, I can agree with the virgin thing too, but the no kissing and not being religious left me scratching my head.

Meljean, your sister sounds like a saint.

erika said...

I've noticed a shift away from virgin heroines to more sexed up heroines especially in contemporary romances and as a reader who prefers V heroines I am buying less contemps for that reason.
I'm curious as to what brought this rant up? Was it a book? What's the title?

Sam said...

OK - this is just my opinion, but: Why would this be the perfect heroine?
I judge heroines this way: 'would I want this person as a friend?'
If my best friend was a virgin-veggie-rights' activist, she would probably be passionate and preachy. I could live with the passionate. But the preachy part would drive me crazy. In my experience, veggies wince whenever anyone orders a steak or they join PETA and screech when they see a fur coat or leather shoes. And virgins can't help thinking that anyone who sleeps around is slutty. (It makes them feel better, I suppose.)
Since I don't think I'd be able to spend much time with someone like this, I don't think I'd be able to sympathize with this sort of heroine in a book.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Erika, it was a novella in an anthology, I don't have the book in front of me. The heroine was so rude and judgemental demanding a change in the hero's behavior before going on a second date, no drinking, no dating, must do something "good" everyday for a month before she would go out with him again.

Sam: I don't have a problem with a 25 year old, never been kissed, vegan virgin. The problem came in with her being so judgemental.

I think the author was trying to portray a "playboy" and a "prig", one of the other characters describes her as a "self-righteous prig" and that's exactly what she was, but the "playboy" didn't come across as a playboy at all, rather a typical 30 year single man.

Nicole said...

Yeah...doesn't really sound like "the perfect heroine".