Sunday, August 14

Too Darned Hot...

It has been too hot to do anything besides swim, lounge and read. In the past 2 days I finished 4 books.
  • Day of Fire -- Kathleen Nance
  • The Power of Two -- Patti O'Shea
  • The Scarlet Empress -- Susan Grant
  • Love According to Lily -- Julianne MacLean

The first three are the last of the 2176 series. I had already read the 1st and the 3rd from the series (The Legend of Banzai Maguire and The Shadow Runners.) Though I enjoyed all of them I think TLOBM and TSR were somewhat better.

I was surprised by Love According to Lily, I don't know why I thought it was Regency period because it's Victorian and I think it was better than her other books, not spectacular, but good.

I'm being lazy, I could be giving synopsis, but I'm not good at them and it would require too much thinking.

Have a great day, happy reading.

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Anne E. said...

You indicated in your response on my blog that Candice Proctor was writing historical mysteries. Is she writing them under the name Candice Proctor or ???