Monday, August 22

I Really Wanted To Love It...

After reading the 2176 series and enjoying Liz Maverick's The Shadow Runners, I was really looking forward to Crimson City. A combination futuristic and paranormal, vampires, werewolves and humans all living together in a futuristic city that used to be LA. I wanted to love this book. I'm not even sure I liked it.

The synopsis over at RT is good one and I can see it getting 4 stars. Yet for me, I never connected with the story or the characters. I was distracted by all the "world" building, there is so much going on setting the stage for the series I never fully appreciated the romance and it certainly left questions unanswered. So, of course, I have to continue to read the series to see what happens. I'm heading to B&N tomorrow for the next book, Marjorie M. Liu's A Taste of Crimson.

But, I started reading Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me this morning and am enjoying it very much, and while I was blog hopping this morning I discovered Bam's review on her It's Not Chick Porn blog. She also has a great review of Linda Howard's Shades of Twilight.

Got to go and put Junior to bed.

Have a great night and happy reading.

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