Wednesday, January 4

Back to Barnes and Noble

So maybe I should just camp out at Barnes and Noble. I made another trip while Junior was in school, and picked up 2 more books:
  1. Lady Anne's Dangerous Man -- Jeane Westin
  2. What A Woman Needs -- Caroline Linden

Then I visited the Evil Empire and I can't believe I bought 2 books there. I still have gift cards for B&N and I bought books at Wal*Mart--what the heck am I thinking--LOL. Wal*Mart finds:

  1. Lord of My Heart -- Jo Beverley
  2. Midnight Marriage -- Victoria Bylin

The only book I actually planned to get was Lady Anne's Dangerous Man. The blurb for What A Woman Needs sounds interesting, but it's probably another "Regency romp." I'm pretty sure I've already read Lord of My Heart, it's not new and I thought I had exhausted Jo Beverley's entire backlist. I hadn't planned on getting Midnight Marriage, but I liked Victoria Bylin's last book, so what the heck.

I think I must be a frustrated "check out girl." I always use the self-check out at Wal*Mart--love it, I'm in and out in a flash.

Got to go, I need to pick out something to read. I just finished Almost a Lady--not great, not even that good, just okay. Maybe I'll blog about it tomorrow.


Sam said...

My dad and I use the instant check-outs - he is a big one on progress - if it's new he's got to try it. The first time we used one was something out of a comedy film, with the machine telling us what to do, us getting everything muddled, and the store manager finally having to come over and sort everything out.
We're better at it now.
We don't have that overhere in Europe yet, but I'm sure we'll get them soon!

Nicole said...

I also always use the self-checkout on the rare times I'm in Walmart. So much easier, especially when you use a credit card.

Rosario said...

Oh, no, WAWN is not one of those silly romps! You'll be surprised, it's quite... different, especially the heroine. I'll have to post my review soon, I've been meaning to for days now.

Tara Marie said...

Sam--I always connect self-check outs with supermarkets or super stores. I didn't think there were very many of them in Europe, of course, I've not traveled there so I would be clueless.

Nicole--even using cash it's quick, like I said I love it.

Rosario--I'm glad to hear WAWN isn't typical, I've sworn off the silly romp thing unless it's written by Julia Quinn