Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years.

We're home. Thank God. If I ever say we're staying at my parent's again, someone please smack me.

The day was very nice, we had a great visit, my sister and her family were there along with one of my aunts. We did a jigsaw puzzle and played games. My sister and aunt left around 10:30, they both live less than 5 minutes away. My parents have 2 spare bedrooms, both have twin beds, so we decided to sleep in the room with a TV and set up their Aerobed, that way there would be enough room for all 3 of us to sleep in the same room. My husband and son both fell asleep early.

Sleep would have been nice. It turns out since I moved out 23 years ago my parents have turned into The LOUDS. The extra bedroom with the TV is between their bedroom and the bathroom. Between them they must have been up 10 times. Lights are on, and off like a lighthouse. And, the bathroom sink is so loud it sounds like they're taking showers in right there in spare room. And, for some reason, the bathroom and bedroom doors must be slammed shut everytime they leave a room. To get away from all the noise my husband moved to the recliner in the living room somewhere around 4:00 And, at 6:30 this morning he asked "why did it sound like your parents were moving furniture all night?"

Junior slept through it all.


Jay said...

So who got the Aerobed? Just me being nosy :)

CindyS said...

Tara Marie - sleeping pills. You won't hear a thing next time ;)

Happy New Year!


Tara Marie said...

Jay--the DH and son slept on the aerobed. Hubby wanted to watch the Giants, the aerobed was closer to the TV and, of course, Junior thinks that bed is just the coolest. But he (Junior) did crawl into bed with me early in the morning.

Cindy--Sleeping pills, there's a thought

Karen Scott said...

Hee hee!! At least they weren't engaged in nocturnal activities, now that would have truly been the last straw!

Tara Marie said...

Karen--hee hee hee--it wouldn't ahve shocked me at all--LOL. This room was my sister's when she lived at home. She can tell some pretty scary tales about dear old mom and dad, puts a blush on my cheeks just thinking about it. Parents don't do those things you know--LOL.