Thursday, January 5

Jay's up on RTB

Jay is the guest blogger over on RTB today, a great column about trying new authors. Of course, after going back and researching new to me authors for 2005, I am incapable of following my own advice.

So after analyzing the stats for last year, I read 66 new authors. Of the 66, 46 are authors that have 1. become autobuys for me, 2. have already or will read again. That leaves 20 authors I wont read again.

But here's the kicker, of the 20 authors I wont read again, I read additional books by 12 different authors, it took reading 2 or 3 of their books to decide--nope, their not for me. I knew after the first book, but for some reason I went on to read more sucky books by choice.


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Jay said...

Heh, who knew! I'll have to go see what I wrote ;)