Sunday, January 8

What A Woman Needs by Caroline Linden

Before I say anything about this book I'm going to share the back blurb:


Not terribly, Stuart Drake thinks, if you're good-looking, charming, and in line for a Viscount title, which, fortunately, he is. To end his penniless existence, he simply has to convince his intended bride's shrewish, wizened old guardian that he isn'ta fortune hunter...which, unfortunately, he is in the extreme. Still, once he meets the old whitch, how difficult could it prove to charm her?
Quite, actually. Espeically when the lady in question is temptation made flesh--a gorgeous widow with a reputation for knowing a rake when she sees one, having bedded many herself. She'd rather die than let Stuart win. And with his plans thwarted, Stuart has only one option: to take revence on his tormentor through seduction. But learning what this woman needs might only leave him hungry for more...

I typed that in, so excuse any typos.

Okay, from that blurb I expected this to be a "Regency Romp" and mentioned this when I posted that I bought it because it sounded interesting. Rosario commented at the time that it isn't a romp, and boy, was she right. The funny thing is the blurb is a good description of this book.

...having bedded many herself. That may very well be an understatement when it comes to this book. Charlotte, has been around the block a time or two or ten or twenty, of course it's not really her fault. But, you like her anyway, I guess the author does a good job showing why and at times I thought she was TSTL, and at times I thought she was great. And, the hero, Stuart, turns out to be a more of a gentleman than expected.

What a Woman Needs isn't a typical regency, which may be the reason I liked it so much. It's got love, sex and intrigue. What more can we ask for?


CindyS said...

Where's my little book? I'm going to be jotting this one down.


Megan Frampton said...

This one sounds good, thanks for the rec.

Rosario said...

I'm glad you liked it, Tara! I'm actually surprised this one didn't generate more discussion online, considering how so many people are asking for more experienced heroines. I guess not many people must have read it...