Tuesday, January 3

An Unlikely Governess by Karen Ranney

Karen Ranney's An Unlikely Governess is officially the first book I've read in 2006. I picked it up New Year's Eve on the way to my Mom's and finally got to finish it last night. It's very gothic in style, mystery surrounds all the major characters. On the sidebar I originally listed this book as "good," but the more I thought about it, decided to move it to "very good." Really good gothic romances are hard to find. In order to keep the gothic feeling throughout the book, the hero is never fully fleshed out, which is fine, though we do head hop to him on occasion, but he's usually thinking about the heroine in a sexual way, typical man--LOL. If you like gothic romance, you'll like this book.

I've had the January Romantic Times since the beginning of December, but am only getting to it now. The first four listed under "Historical Romances all received "top picks!"
  1. Two Little Lies -- Liz Carlyle
  2. An Unlikely Governess -- Karen Ranney
  3. Almost a Lady -- Jane Feather
  4. Lady Anne's Dangerous Man -- Jeanne Westin

I've read the first two and am currently reading the 3rd.At this point I'm enjoying Almost a Lady, and have decided to pick up Lady Anne's Dangerous Man tomorrow.

Has anyone read Minda Webber's The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein? Her The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing also received a "top pick!" It sounds interesting, but I'd like to get some opinions about her writing first.

Have a good one, and happy reading (remember to keep the trapped miners and their families in your thoughts and prayers).



Jay said...

I read TRMF. It was good, but not great. The story was kind of average even though I liked the concept. That said, I've already ordered Van Helsing from PBS.

Kristie (J) said...

What a gorgeous cover on Lady Anne's Dangerous Man. I haven't heard any buzz on this one but I think I shall buy it because of the cover alone

Tara Marie said...

Jay--I'm really tempted by the Van Helsing. I may look for it tomorrow at B&N.

Kristie--Normally I'm not overly influenced by covers, but I have to admit, I saw an ad with this cover and that was what sent me looking for the review. I have to agree it is beautiful.

erika said...

Glad I'm not alone in regards to Ranney's book! She's going to be writing a Contemporary romantic suspense book and I just might get it eventhough that genre isn't my favorite.

ReneeW said...

For a second there I thought I was lost or I was at someone else's blog. Change is good. I like it.

I cut my eyeteeth on gothic (Mary Steward, Victoria Holt, etc.) so I love a good gothic type romance. The last Ranney I tried I didn't like that much, but AUG sounds pretty good, so I'll try it. Thanks.

Dana said...

I really liked Miss Frankenstein. Very fun read. I can wait for Miss Van Helsing.

CindyS said...

I wanted to say that I love the cover of Westin's book. I will write that one down to look at.

I see you posted early this evening and it is now 5am. I watched CNN for the miners at about midnight and they were all excited because the news was they had found the men alive. I watched for a bit and then watched some TV. As I was turning off the TV for the night I turned to CNN hoping to catch sight of the men only to discover that 12 men had died. I can't even imagine what the families are going through.

It looks like it was an honest mistake in communication between the rescue team and the people above ground. The people on the ground all heard on a speaker that 12 were found alive. Someone must have used a cell phone and it got out of control until it reached the families below. Twenty minutes later the ground crew was told the rescue team had *meant* that they had found 12 men. Turns out only one was still alive. It then took them four hours to go to the families and tell them they were dead. Meanwhile the families were all excited to see their men.

When asked why they didn't tell the families sooner the man asked, 'what would I have said, we didn't even know who was alive because he was unconscious. Not only that, we didn't know how many had survived so we had to wait until we knew exactly what had happened'.

My heart breaks for the families and the men who died. I pray that the young man who survived will recover. Terrible news to be going to bed with.


Tara Marie said...

Erika--I'll read her RS, she has a great writing style.

Renee--As much as I love sage green, I needed change. And I too cut my reading teeth on Mary Stewart...love gothics

Dana--thanks for the info, I think I'll give them a try.

Cindy--the first thing I saw when I logged on this morning was the horrible news, so so sad.

Rosario said...

I love gothics, too, so I'm definitely getting this one. I read somewhere (might have been the AAR review) that the heroine has some TSTL moments. Would you agree with that?

Bookwormom said...

Love the new look! Am currently reading an older trad. Regency for the TBR Challenge on RT.. Haven't read the new mag yet, sounds like some good stuff is coming.

Tara Marie said...

Rosario--I wouldn't call the heroine TSTL, but she does seem to have moments of vagueness and she wallows in self pity at time, not that she's not justified in having a pity party, but it all seems to flow with the gothic style.

Amanda--Thank you, I decided to go with a nice clean look, though I think the white seems a little stark. January does seem to be a good month, but looking ahead March-June looks good too.

Nicole said...

I might have to pick up AUG. I haven't read many Ranneys yet. I just bought the Jeanne Westin one yesterday. It's set in the Restoration Period.

CW said...

Oooh. I'm going to pick up that Westin. Thanks for the tip! :)