Wednesday, January 11

A few things...

So, Angie has an interesting column over on RTB. When I hopped over there this afternoon there was 39 responses to her thoughts on reviews on sites like Amazon.

Yesterday we went to the library and since I went without a list I ended up with Judith McNaught's Every Breath You Take. I have no real idea why I took this out. It was there and I took it, I'm really not that interested. But, I've got it until the 24th so it's going on the TBR pile temporarily. Now get this--it's classified a Mystery??

I picked up a couple of books at B&N today The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing and Kasey Michaels' The Kissing Game.

I started reading The Kissing Game while I was waiting to pick Junior up from school and on page two I find a major typo:

...that had left the then Dowager countess PROSTATE on her bed for months.

Nobody along the publishing process caught this, how is this possible??

Lost is back tonight, so I've got to go.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Jay said...

Hahaha now I have to go home and check my copy. I didn't notice but if it was in a block of narrative I probably wouldn't since I skim that.

Tara Marie said...

Once in a while I'll skim long sections of narrative, or speed read it (learned that in the 7th grade and it comes in handy), but this was literally on page 2 right smack in the middle.

Sam said...

Oh well. You know, I never, ever read a book without finding at least one typo, and my mother (she's an editor and an English teacher) is even worse - she usually finds two or three. You should have seen her with the last Harry Potter - very shoddy editing in that book.
This is what happens in the editing world: the authro writes a book, sends it in, gets a contract and the editor takes it and looks it over, makes comments, sends it back to the author to fix and then the editor takes it once more and the author never sees it again. So the author has one chance to fix everything before the book is taken out of his hands. There is rarely a 'final look' clause in an author's contract. I have one for 2 publishers, but none for the other 4.
Anyhow, last year I got my first edits back with Horse Passages ( my YA book from Medallion) with the editors comments and his suggestions to fix things. I was Appalled. He hadn't done anything but format the book and underline repeated words (in this case I think it was 'leave' or 'leaving'.)
I spent three days with my mother (an editor, remember) fine tuning the book and we handed in a Perfectly Clean Copy. I have the doc. here in my files as proof.
The editor took my copy and ADDED mistakes. Hello???? I got the finished book and found three typos, an added pronoun, and a repeated sentence. Can you say Blood Boiling? The publisher is quite unrepentant and claims the book is "Fine for the targetted audience" (as if young adults dion't really deserve a perfectly edited book) and cited the last Harry Potter as an example. (OK the editing sucked, but why not use my Perfectly Clean Copy?
Because, my publisher told me, I had rewritten the book and they wanted it AS IS.
OK - this business is Really screwy.
Anyone need a good illustrator?