Monday, January 2

It's Mocking Me

That TBR pile that sits so lovingly inside my nightstand/bookcase is mocking me. The colorful covers taunt me, knowing I'll probably never read half of them. And, yet somehow I can't bring myself to purge it. It is filled with older books that came so highly recommended by friends who promise "this one's a keeper" and for some reason I don't have the ability to do more than read an occasional blurb, then put the book back with a "I'll try it next month."

Well, next month has now turned into new year and I'm still not really interested. There must be some gems in the pile, no real friend would recommend a wallbanger. Of course, I have on occasion given a book to my sister and asked "Is this as bad as I think it is?" She will inevitably give it back with a "How the hell did that get published? And, stop giving me crap."

I have a confession to make. I am a new book whore. Now, that's a word I hate along with the word slut. Whore and slut have such negative connotations and the politically correct feminist part of me hates seeing them used. Unfortunately, it is a perfect description for my reading and book buying habits. It seems I like to be right there talking about what's new and hot, no pun intended. Probably close to 90% of what I read is newly published.

Renee blogs about her new year's book resolutions. I commented that my only resolution would be to continue trying new to me authors, but that really isn't my only resolution. I'd also love to see my TBR pile disappear and stop mocking me.

But, of course, I know my real TBR pile consists of the 7 brand spanking new books sitting next to my bed, in a lovely Barnes and Noble Christmas shopping bag.

I'm curious, how many other NBWs are out there??

Tara aka The New Book Whore


sybil said...

oh me me me

of course I have no issue with the word whore so I am ok with it :)

I don't know what it is. I can be dying for a book, just have to have it in my hot lil hands, and then once it is there and I can read it whenever I want.... I am ok.

go figure

Sam said...

Much as I love a new book - I'm just as happy to pick up an old book, a worn out book, a book with creases and stains and bent pages...I read anything that pops in front of my eyes. That said, I'm trying to get through this terribly, dismally badly written book - head-hopping, adverbs galore, and endless, pointless rambling thoughts (a man wrote it.)
BUt it's a mystery and I want to find out 'who dunnit!' So tonight I'll probably skip to the end and find out.
And then pick up a new book.
I didn't get ANY for Christmas.

Jay said...

You can purge. You can. All those books that continue to sit there, your eyes grazing over them when you're looking for something new to read? All those? They can go. You can do it. I will hold your virtual hand.

That said, I still have a first in, first out problem. I just got better at getting rid of the really old things.

sybil said...

Listen to Jay... I will hold on to them for you until you are ready for them ;).

I am just a helpful girl like that.

I can't purge because as soon as I do I would have to a book and then rebuy it. And love new to me old books. Library Sales rock.

Yes I am odd but I need sleep too, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

CindyS said...

New Book Whore - that's me to a T. Not to say I think my TBR pile has stinkers in it but then I did purge my pile about two years ago now.

What I did was go through my books and if a book had been there for years then I figured I wasn't going to get around to reading it. Also, most of those books were not by authors that are overly talked about. I also went through the so called keeper pile and got rough. All the old Quicks went and many Johanna Lindseys and stuff. Once you start and cry a few tears and rant on your blog (I did it over at the AAR message board and there was tons of support) you get into the groove and books start flying out the door.

That said, I prefer new books to used but since joining the book trade I am getting used to used books again.