Thursday, January 26

Hitting the proverbial wall...

I have 4 books left on my "official" TBR pile. I probably have another 50 books that are on my "memory lapse" TBR pile--see my The Memory's Shot post, it explains why I'm not reading those, as I'm pretty sure I've already read them.

The 4 official books are:
  1. Forbidden Magic -- Cheyenne McCray
  2. After Midnight -- Teresa Medeiros
  3. Maggie By The Book -- Kasey Michaels
  4. The Nerd Who Loves Me -- Vicki Lewis Thompson

I'm 100 pages into After Midnight, though pretty good, I'm not in the mood for vampires and paranormals, which leaves out Forbidden Magic too, it's gotten really good buzz, but I need a break from paranormals. I think I read more paranormals last year than all my other reading years combined. Maggie By The Book is the second in a series, I didn't realize this until after I bought it, shame on me. I am picking up Maggie Needs An Alibi at the library this afternoon. And, I have absolutely no interest in The Nerd Who Loves Me Did anyone see the Nerd story on the Today Show this morning? You know I'm in a rut when I watch morning news shows past the first 10 minutes of actual news.

So, where does this leave me? I've hit a wall. Not in the mood for what's left and not sure exactly what I'm looking for. I've got 3 waiting for me at the library, maybe one of those will pull me out of my rut.

I'm feeling a bit lost, a house full of books and nothing to read, can that be, or am I being too picky? Quandary, quandary, what's next?


CW said...

You could go shopping for more books... :P

sybil said...

I agree with CW :). Go get Bad Boys Over Easy. I think that is the one with Fuzzy Logic by Erin McCarthy. Really cute short story and there is a Jordan Summer's story but I haven't read it yet.

Or take a chance and read one of those other 40. Really it does it matter if it turns out you have read it at some point if you enjoy it ;).

Sam said...

I'm about to finish White Murder (tonight, hopefully,) and I'm loking forward to reading a book in French by a Lebanese writer called Amin Maalouf. (the book is called Le Rocher de Tanois, and it's a love story set in the Ottoman empire in 1830 (reading the back blurb here)
Last year I read a book by a Russian writer that I loved (the Devil and Margarite)- I'm slowly getting cultured, lol.

Tara Marie said...

cw, that's part of my problem, I've been to B&N and UBS and the library and nothing is screaming read me.

Sybil, are you recommending a Bad Boy book??--LOL.

Sam, culture, maybe that's what I need. Your Ottoman Empire love story sounds interesting, but I haven't read anything in French since college, it would take me forever.

Kristie (J) said...

Sounds like you've hit a slump too. Dreadful things they are when you have a house full of books and nothing you feel like reading.

McVane said...

Tara Marie, this is a bit off topic -- is there any chance you still have my list of top 100 romance books?

I need to revise it but I lost the list, no thanks to The Day Maili Got Stupid and Deleted Her Blog.

sybil said...

Hey no laughing until you try it ;)

Tara Marie said...

Maili--I posted some of the lists I found over on your blog. Hopefully they're helpful.

Sybil--If I can find it used or at the library I'll give it a try and I promise no laughing until I've read it :)

sybil said...

LOL you will read a bad boy book, oh yes you will...