Friday, January 13

Moving on

After being highly entertained for the last 2 days by Angie's review brouhaha I've decided to move on to other things.

My sister and her husband came over for dinner last night, while my BIL was here we put him to work cleaning our boiler, and if you call it a furnace, my sister will correct you and explain why it's a boiler and not a furnace. As if I actually care, but it is great having a plumber in the family.

Sorry, I'm getting side tracked, so they come for dinner and my sister tells me to make sure I have books ready for her, she's bringing books for me. Yeah, I'm getting new books for my TBR pile, right? Wrong, she's returning my books, out of the 2 shopping bags she gave me all but 2 were mine. So I've added Vicki Lewis Thompson's The Nerd Who Loved Me and Elizabeth Thornton's Shady Lady to my TBR pile. I'm not even sure I want to read the Thompson, but it'll find a home with the rest of my TBR pile until I decide to purge them.

I started reading Minda Webber's The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing. I'm 14 pages into it and Ms. Webber has my head swimming.
  1. Her grandfather Colonel Ebenezer Van Helsing is responsible for "slaying the infamous Nosferatn, Lugosi, Lee and Langella."
  2. Ebenezer's favorite expression is "Humbug."
  3. The costume Miss Van Helsing is wearing to the first scene's costume ball is Cleopatra "tailored by Miss Elizabeth Burton."
  4. Miss Van Helsing's best friend is Clair Frankenstein, who happens to be married to a werewolf she calls Harry.
  5. Clair Frankenstein has been escorted to the costume ball by her cousin "Frederick" who was created by her Uncle Victor. He doesn't need a costume as he is the original Frankenstein monster though he is rather sweet.

I'm not sure I'm going to keep up with all this--LOL. But, I'm going to give it a try.

Have a good one and happy reading.



Bookwormom said...

Sounds very involved! Let us know how it is when you're done. I often like light tiles similar to that one.

Anne E. said...

I think it is interesting that the writers who commented on Angie's RTB post ignored the readers who posted. One woman kept insisting in essense that unless a reader had some additional "credentials," a reader review was not to be taken seriously. I find that interesting, as every time I have attempted to discuss romance novels on their literary merit on that forum I just piss people off! Maybe that is my true calling.....I agree with your assessment that 98% romance novelists can't stand negative reviews..

I just posted my review of "Lady Anne's Dangerous Man" on my blog. Would be interested in your take on it, as I found it enchanting...the minority view.


Sam said...

I don't think anyone who posts really pays attention to the other posters, which is why long threads of answers bore me - it's not a discussion, it's a litany of opinions.
Of course, sometimes someone will discuss something with someone else - (mostly to disagree with them, lol)

Anne E. said...

I'v noticed that as well!