Monday, January 9

Really, I Wanted To Love It...

Look at this cover, I should have loved this book simply because the cover is beautiful.

But, of course, a book can't be judged by it's cover. This one had more going for it than most.

1. It's set in Restoration England.

2. It sounds like it's set in Restoration England, or at least it sounds like what I expect a book to sound like set in Restoration England.

3. It has a class struggle under tone, she's a Lady and he's a Highwayman, really not a lord acting like a highwayman, well, he is an Earl's illegitimate son.

4. It has lots of action and is fairly fast paced.

5. An Evil villain and a horny King.

6. It has the feel of a Robin Hood and pirate tale rolled into one.

The problem, the heroine is absolutely TSTL shrew for the first half of the book. Honestly, she needed a good smack. Once she realizes that the hero is truly a hero and she ceases to being stupid, things improve immensely. And, that's what saves this story. If the heroine hadn't of been so TSTL to start with this would have been an excellent read.

Those are my thoughts, I'm waiting for what everyone else thinks, maybe I'm just being nit picky. I put it under good on the sidebar, but maybe I'll move it to very good. I need to think about it.



Bookwormom said...

Normally I like Highwayman storylines, but something about the rhyming title set me off. There is a short comment thread over at RT on the roundtable message board about this book if you're interested.

Personally, it'd have to come out of the UBS if I'd buy it at all.

sandy l said...

I tried reading this book, but for some reason was reminded of Pirates of the Carribean set in England. It was very jarring.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I'd say get it used. It's not spectacular. I don't know why I'm disappointed with RT, but I am they gave it a top pick.?...

Sandy, I think your right it does have a POFTC feeling.

sybil said...

oh I was going back and forth on this one but since I don't much care for Highwayman or robin hood stories and you don't like it.

three strikes it is out!

kewl thanks ;)

Sam said...

The cover is spectacular though. Wow!

Anne E. said...

Well, ladies, I'm loving it! No, it is not a great book, but it is to me head and shoulders above the latest by Loretta Chase and Eloisa James that everyone else liked so much. Normally I don't like TSTL heroines, but I could see why under the circumstances Anne behaved in such a fashion, and as you said, Tara, she doesn't stay TSTL for very long.

All the characters are well-drawn, and to me really come to life on the page (Errol Flynn or Steward Granger are who I see in my mind's eye as John Gilbert, our hero). The one problem I have had so far is the rather quick recovery Anne makes from the unexpected death of her father -- I realize that the circumstances following that incident dont't lend themselves to prolonged mourning but....

There is wonderful humor and action, and I enjoy the slightly archaic turn of phrase. I was afraid the author might overdo it. I'll expand this on my blog this weekend.