Friday, December 30

Barnes and Noble Trip...

Tuesday Junior and I made a mad dash into B&N while we were running errands.

I've been reading like a fiend since then, finishing 3 of the 8 books I bought. Which is pretty good considering I did lunch with the "Mommys" while Junior was at Vacation Bible School--lunch was great and he had a wonderful time. They had a birthday party for Jesus, crafts, games, a movie, pizza and a birthday cake, but I digress. We also had company yesterday (Thursday.) And, today I found myself putting away the Christmas gifts, running more errands and straightening up the house. As much as I love the holidays, I can't wait to rescue my poor house from the decorating chaos.

Getting back to the trip to B&N, here's what I picked up:

  1. Almost a Lady -- Jane Feather
  2. The Courtesan -- Julia Justiss
  3. Kill and Tell -- Linda Howard
  4. After Midnight -- Teresa Medeiros
  5. The Pregnancy Test -- Erin McCarthy
  6. Almost Perfect -- Julie Ortolon
  7. Just Perfect -- Julie Ortolon
  8. Too Perfect -- Julie Ortolon

Almost a Lady, I have no idea why I picked this up. Jane Feather used to be an autobuy for me, but I've been so disappointed by her last few books, I'd decided not to buy them new any more, apparently I couldn't stick with this decision.

The Courtesan, I saw this one on Kristie's Sidebar and thought it sounded interesting when I read the blurb.

Kill and Tell, well, I already have this one, someone recently blogged about it and I felt the need to do a reread, but I couldn't find my copy, so I bought a new one. I've already reread it, and I'm such a Linda Howard fangirl that the "condom" scene didn't bother me. It's not my favorite LH, but I still liked it.

After Midnight, this has been on my TLF list for a while and I've passed on it everytime I went to the bookstore, I finally decided to pick it up. I've really become hit or miss with Teresa Medeiros, so I'm hoping this one is a hit.

The Pregnancy Test, I've finished this one, and it's a fun, quick read. I like Erin McCarthy's writing style, it's sort of a chick lit meets funny contemporary romance.

Almost Perfect, Just Perfect, and Too Perfect, Julie Ortolon is not one of my favorite authors, I usually find her books just okay, not necessarily good or great. Kristie has been singing the praises of Almost Perfect for quite a while, so I thought I'd give this series a try. I'm just about finished with AP, and she's right it's very good. It wouldn't make my top 10, but it would probably make my top 25--which I think isn't bad.

We also picked up a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer book for Junior, I guess he didn't get enough stuff from Santa.

I have 4 gift cards left, so I'm looking forward to the following releases:

  1. The Silver Rose -- Susan Carroll
  2. Lover Eternal -- JR Ward
  3. The Unlikely Governess -- Karen Ranney (I actually think this one's been released since my trip to B&N)
  4. Flesh and Stone -- Vickie Taylor
  5. Devil in Winter -- Lisa Kleypas
  6. Lord Perfect -- Loretta Chase *edit*

We're going to my parents for New Years Eve, I know it sounds exciting--LOL. I'll be lucky if I make midnight, but we're staying over which makes Junior and Grandma real happy. But, before we go to Mom's I'm hoping to get my husband to swing by B&N for another looksee at what's new.

Lordy, this is a long one, sorry about that. Have a good one.


*edit*--added Lord Perfect after the original post.


CW said...

Oooh, nice haul and to-get list!

Must...resist...buying urge...(lol)

Kristie (J) said...

You did read my thoughts on the third Ortolon book right? *grin* I really liked The Courtesan although the very end I thought was a bit unrealistic - but other than that it was pretty good. I just started The Mysterious Miss M by Diane Gaston which is very much along the same lines as The Courtesan. Really (really) liking it.
And I'm with you on Feather. You'll have to let me know if it's any good and whether she should be reinstated.
Same with Mederios.

erika said...

OMG, I just realized that I haven't been to a bookstore in months! I've been buying books online of late. There was a time years ago when the clerks knew me and my name because I'd go there so frequently. Making a note to self to visit a bookstore soon.
By the way I thought An Unlikely Governess was a keeper. Hope you enjoy it too.

Tara Marie said...

CW--it's okay for me to hit the bookstore, love those gift cards.

Kristie--I did read your review of Too Perfect, but you need to finish the series right? I'll let you know about the Feather.

Erika--I saw your comments about the Ranney, its one of the reasons it's on my list--though she is an autobuy for me.

I need to add Lorretta Chase's Lord Perfect to the TLF list.

Sam said...

I'm off to hunt down 'Mr. Right Now', Karen S. blogged about it and it sounded terrific. Her only complaint was the hero wasn't alpha enough - since I hate alpha heros, (and I'm always getting a book and regretting it because I spend the whole time while reading it wishing the hero was in front of me so I could give him a good kick in the balls)...this book sounded perfect, lolol!

Bookwormom said...

Happy New Year's Eve, Tara!

sybil said...

ohhhhhhhhh I want 1,2 and 5. In fact I keep putting down the first two because I am trying to stick to only buying new books if I am going to read them NOW.

Otherwise I must wait for use or trade.

Don't ask how it is going ;). I think I will wait a bit longer on 5. I think I would rather get the next one new and I keep hoping this one shows in the ubs. Because I need books to read... LOL