Monday, December 5

Christmas Tree Brunch and no time to read.

We've been having brunch the first or second weekend in December for years. After we eat, we head out to buy Christmas Trees at a local farm. We've been buying our trees at the same farm for 20+ years and my in-laws always made such a fuss about how great our trees were and how long they lasted that we invited them to go with us and thus "The Christmas Tree Brunch" day was started. It was a great day, everyone got beautiful trees, the kids and some of the adults (my husband) got hot cider and cookies, and my SIL and her family came back afterward and we got Chinese take-out.

I haven't picked up a book for 3 days and stopped at my local bookstore today in the hope that she had the new Liz Carlyle--nope, she can't even get the darned thing yet. I think she gets her books through Ingram and they say it hasn't been released yet, but I'm sure I've seen it in a couple of other stores, but didn't pick it up when I saw it, *please note I'm kicking myself.* I did pick up the new RT and I'll probably post something about it when I get a chance, maybe tonight after Junior goes to bed, when I should be wrapping gifts. The shopping is just about finished, but nothing is wrapped yet.

I have 6 library books sitting on my nightstand and not one is even remotely interesting. Well, they're probably interesting, I'm just not interested right now. I'm hoping I'm not getting into a rut, I keep telling myself I'm not interested in anything because it's December and I've got tons to do, but I'm not sure.

Have a great day, and happy reading.



mamx said...

did see a new book - vampire parnormal of the sizzling kind , made me think was it a ellora book or what? it got a honky tonk vampire who turn a 37year into a vampire , and it involves strippers and more , not sure it good or bad , havnt seen any reviews yet and i didnt buy it , im savinvg my money for the new eloisa james book this coming dec
book about vampire is called
NIGHT PRAYERS by P.D CADEK a leisure published book it seem to put under horror but i wonder.i , in a rut too , hailing from snowless to be a charlie brown christmas in nb , canada ..

Tara Marie said...

mamx--I'll keep a look out for Night Prayers, sounds interesting.