Tuesday, December 6

The book count...

The book count still hasn't changed, I've still not read anything in several days.

Well, I guess that's not really true, I'm wondering if I can add:

  1. Madeline
  2. Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM
  3. The Cranky Day and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories
  4. Alexander and the Terrrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day
  5. The Stinky Cheese Man

to my Just the Books list. Probably not.


1 comment:

mamxx said...

HI again it me mamx from canada again,i like reading posts about boooks just so i know what out there and want to read it. mmm kiddies boooooks are cute. i like the ones where if u give a mouse a ''''''' series hehee ,soothing stuff.
and night prayers book that i mentioned before it a honky tonk vampire book . well i was browsing that book again at the bookstore to see what it like .well i was wondering am i reading a ellora book or what , it got sex in all right, it fit in the story. very not for the timid. mm rut and books why not read a christmas book or watch all christmas movies ? later folks